Would you rather write a quality story in classic and not get a lot of reads, or write a not-so-high quality story in ink/limelight and get many reads?



Thanks! I thought it was weird looking too, but I got used to it. I think people steer away from classic stories bcs they haven’t found ones they’re addicted to and love. That’s because episode tries to steer people towards ink and limelight Once I read a story I loved, I got used to it and its the best thing ever. Maybe try until death do us part or tortuous? They’re amazing stories and impacted me. fr tho


If it’s in classic, I’d read it, if its not, sorry goodbye. There are still a large group of people who like to read in classic.


Of course! I love Classic! I just want everyone to know that there is a lot of good stories to read of Classic! :slight_smile:


Ok, I have some serious classic suggestions for ya!! These stories are A.M.AZ.I.N.G

sorry for putting his big ugly face!!

The bolded ones are gold though :wink: with 1 million + reads
The Dare- Brendathewriter
Until Death Do Us Part -angie
Complicated Love
Tangled Love (classic)
The Assistant
What’s Your Emergency
Wild Things
Falling For You
Beautiful Destruction


Thanks :blush:


I’ve read too many LL and Ink stories to be able to fall in love with classic (also considering the circumstances) but if it’s a good story I don’t really want to miss out on that.


Writing a quality comedy in Classic has honestly helped me appreciate Classic more. I’d definitely go for the first one.


Love his also but he is working on one in limelight I seen on Instagram but I think he just started it.


I would rather write a quality story in Classic and not get a lot of reads. To be honest, I prefer INK and Limelight over Classic, but I want to be proud of the actual content of the story. I was a writer before I was an Episode author, and as a writer, I focus on quality before reads.




I’m glad that you are being openminded towards Classic! I will definitely check out that story as I haven’t heard it before. I will definitely check it out! I just happened to be doing a binge on Dripping Mascara and I am finally near the end, so it shouldn’t be too long till I get the chance to read it!


@episode.emma @ayu (sorry idk many people who love classic) You can ignore if you want. I just wanna rant because I’m shook lol.

I just read 2 more chapters of it & it is amazing. I NEVER thought I’d like a classic story wow lol. I remember classic trending w/ ink stories & I use to get so irritated because I couldn’t read the stories I thought were cool due to the style which I wouldn’t recommend doing now bc you just miss out in the end.

It makes me feel like instead of episode hiding it, they should categorize the styles & people can choose what they like instead of having one style be “on top.” It’s still not the best, or my preference but it’s about the story & I’m actually kind of liking the characters now. - I think that’s what Ink lovers are afraid of & it’s episode’s fault bc that’s not fair to anyone. They’re hiding good stories that potential readers would love to experience but won’t get a chance to. :unamused:


If you’re talking about Dripping Mascara, that is one of the best, well-written and quality stories on this app in Classic. I still haven’t finished it since 2016. But I plan on reading it again, this time, fully. :smiley:


What story are you reading in classic? Sorry lol


I’m starting to read it! I’ve heard of Dripping Mascara forever & how amazing it is. It’s crazy also because the author is in med school! Anyway I was actually talking about the classic story I recommend earlier; ‘The Time Jumper’. It’s really good. I love it so much lol.


It’s “The Time Jumper” by Rachel Tin lol.


Ah, gotcha. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to check out that story myself. Sounds interesting just from the title alone lol.


Classic is so overlooked and I’ll never understand why. I mean yeah, I can see how someone may think that the characters might look “weird” compared to ink/limelight but I don’t think that’s a reason to give up on it. I was so scared to write in classic since I haven’t seen it on trending user stories so I thought no one would bother giving my story a chance but I came across a whole community of classic lovers. I think it’s pretty sad how they’re apart from the rest of the episodians. We should all accept any story in any style! There are many amazing writers that aren’t given a chance and I feel that should change :heart:


oh I’ve never read it but I will now!


Whats your story called?