Would You Rather?

I will jump off the biggest cliff in a fifty mile radius.

Would you rather play the main character in a play or direct a play?

Play the main character.
Would you rather die your hair bright pink or platinum blonde?

Platinum blonde. It will have to be bleached anyway; at least it can be a more natural color.

Would you rather spend a week in Paris or in Venice?

Even though I love Paris, I would rather spend a week in Venice because of the canal.

Would you rather write a cliche story or share your unique story ideas?

Share my unique ideas.

Would you rather read a story on episode or be on the forums?

Depends on how I’m feeling. Episode forums when I need a friend :blush:

Would you rather choose the ship name of @Res and @Lady-Mehek -->> #Reek or @Res and @Estefi -->> #Restefi (plz pick the first one :confounded:, IDK how people think Restefi sounds better :sob:)?

The link :relieved:

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Still Restefi, young queen. Sorry. :v::joy:

Would you rather wear a gothic outfit on your wedding or wear pajamas in a swimsuit party?

Restefi sounds better to me!

Pajamas in a swimsuit party :confounded:
Would you rather shoot your best friend or make out with your cousin?

:confounded: @Sarina.K how could u :sob:

shoot my best friend.

Would you rather be betrayed by you parents or your future husband/wife?

Future husband.

Would you rather be murdered or suicide?

I would rather be murdered. Murder is not by choice, suicide is. I hope I never make the choice of suicide.

Would you rather win by cheating, or lose with dignity?

Lose with dignity i guess since i dont wanna cheat.

Would you rather stay in one place in your lifetime or travel but with your most hated person in the earth?

Travel with the most hated person in the earth

Would you rather only be able to whisper everything or be able to shout shout everything?

It’s better to whisper than shout out like a maniacal hobo LOL :laughing:

Would you rather steal Oreos or Chocolate Chip Cookies from Rocket Raccoon?

Oh no. Stealing would be bad but if it’s about Chocolate Chip Cookies, I’m on.

Would you rather have a cat that’s intelligent but is lazy, or a dog who’s not too smart and active??

Is there an option to have a goat? Because at least it will give me milk and/or meat which I can sell in the market by which I’ll make a fortune and, ultimately, I’ll open the big dairy business - AS Dairy & Co. :joy::joy:

Would you rather meet Indiana Jones or Han Solo in real life?

Same actor lol but probably HAN SOLO :grin:

Your question?

I have one!

Be clawed to death by something REALLY cute
Die from poision