Would You Rather?


Would you rather only have featured stories of really short episode story (with even smaller episode sizes)

Featured stories

Would you rather marry someone you hate or get a job that you hate?

Get a job that I hate, because I could quit after awhile.

Would you rather have a computer without a working keyboard, or a computer without a working mouse?

A computer without a working mouse (don’t know if it counts, but I’m using a laptop🤣)

Would you rather be the author of a well-directed and good-length story that is underrated or the author of a bad-directed and short-length story that is overrated with millions of reads? :thinking:

Underrated, definitely.

Never find love or never find peace?

Never find peace, at least I’ll have love to back me up.

Would you rather eat only meat for the rest of your life or only junk food?

Only junk food.
Would you rather choose when to die or how to die?

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Choose when to die.

Would you rather stay young but everyone around you becomes old or grow old and see everyone around you become young again?

stay young (the 1 one)
would u rather to find true love or win 1,000,000 euro?

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Win 1000,000 euro lol. We can always find true love later :wink: And I’m too young, anyway.

Would you rather be stuck in the past or in the future?

hmm, hard one, future. hopefully it’s going to be peace
Would u rather to be able to speak to animals or to talk any language you want?

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Uhm. Hard. Talk any language.
Would you rather earn as much money as you want but for one dollar, someone dies OR lose a dollar everytime someone’s born?

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For every dollar someone dies (I mean the earth is overpopulated so…:roll_eyes:)

Would you rather marry someone you love but doesn’t love you, or marry someone you don’t love but who loves you? :broken_heart:

Someone I don’t love but he loves me.

Would you rather read a episode gang story or one with a bad boy?

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LOL ~ Both are cliche but I’ll go with: Read an Episode gang story. (sometimes they’re interesting…:thinking:)

Would you rather talk trash about your best friend, or for your best friend to talk trash about you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Um… Talk trash about my best friend maybe? Idk… Both are bad.

Would you rather become a frog or a caterpillar?

Caterpillar. Ew frogs.
If you get to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend(gf) and the other one dies, who would you rather choose?

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Best friend. (I don’t have a boyfriend lol)

Would you rather be immortal or die today?

Die today. (Life’s chaos.)
Would you rather get all of your pictures deleted or never eat chocolate again?

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Get all my pictures deleted :cry: (chocolate is life.)

Would you rather never be able to eat your favorite ice cream flavor again or never be able to eat your favorite food again?