Would You Rather?



WYR meet a singer or an actor?



WYR meet your idol or me irl



WYR eat a burger or a taco?


uh I literally can’t decide but I could go for a burger rn

WYR get lost on camp or get lost on field trip


Field Trip! ( Then You Can Miss School! )
Eat fried worms
Eat an ant as big as a worm


eat fried worms (I’ve eaten them before but it’s a long story)

WYR go to school and skip every day off and every holiday and weekends or be in a ghost tour overnight


Last one…

Would Ya Rather be in heaven being a servant or in hell being the king/queen?


hell… then I could destroy it and we’d all go to heaven
WYR live on a diet of nacho cheese or coleslaw


Nacho cheese

WYR eat or or?


I love food, so I’ll pick eat.

Would you rather know everything in the world, or be ignorant to everything?



WYR die and everyone cares about you or live and no one cares about you


WYR be reincarnated with your memories of your past life but everyone you cares for die before you die, or be reincarnated with no memories of your past life?


Neither… but if I would have to choose I would pick the second option…

Wyr be a dog or a cat?


I’d rather be a cat.

Would you rather always tell the truth or always tell a lie?


Always tell the truth, it’s best to be honest, stop prevent you from going to heck when you die.

Would you rather drop a puppy of the tallest skyscraper in the world or drop a kitten of the tallest skyscraper in the world?


Argh, this is impossible! I would rather drop a kitten because they have 9 lives and i like puppies slightly more.

Would you rather never touch technology again or never touch anything/one again?


Never touch technology.

Would you rather have everything in the world but never be satisfied, or have only enough to survive but be satisfied?


Have enough to survive and be :sunglasses:
Wyd always be lie to or always lie?


Be lied to, I would at least get used to the idea better.

Would you rather play would you rather irl or never have I ever?


Never Have I Ever you can find out information about others you know see what kind of person others are!

Would you rather be bullied or be a bully?