Would You Rather?


Drink someone’s urine.Though I hope God forbid that ever happens. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:
In a burning building, WYR save 5 strangers or 1 sibling???


Save a sibling

WYR eat for the rest of your life, or drink for the rest of your life?


Drink for the rest of my life, I would live for longer that way

Would you rather read books or watch movies?


Read books

Wyr wear all black or all white?


Wear all black (I actually do wear all black, like 99% of the time) :black_heart:
Would you rather give up writing or give up eating chocolate? :cold_face:


Give up eating Chocolate —
[ I cannot verbally explain how glad I am that this decision is only part of a game,
and that I will not have to stop eating chocolate In real life !! ]

Would you rather —

Be forced to wear wet socks for the rest of your life
Only be allowed to wash your hair once a year


Wear wet socks… they’d get dry eventually

Wyr drink green tea or coffee in the morning?


Green tea —
[It’s really good for you & coffee makes me anxious]

Would you rather

Never hear music again
Lose the ability to read
[And never be able to learn how to read again]


Never hear music again, I can live with that

Would you rather ??

Live in a hot ,scorching desert


Live in a cold,cold place? ?


Cold, cold place… I prefer cold weather

Wyr work in Starbucks or in McDonalds?


McDonalds (but I would get so hungry and maybe eat all the food lmao)

Wyr always be very hot or always be very cold?


Always very cold, I tolerate it better

Wyr eat a bowl of chili or a bowl of jalapenos?


Bowl of Jalapenos —
[They’re so yum]

Would you rather —

Live with a constant pain somewhere on your body
Live with a constant itching feeling that you can’t get rid of


Ugh why :persevere: constant itching I guess.

If there’s nothing to eat but frog legs, would you rather starve whole day or eat them?


Sorry but starve all day! :joy::joy:

Would you rather have no thumbs or no fingernails?


No fingernails…

Would you rather live in a world with only the people you love or in a world with only the people who love you?


A world where the only ones are the people who loves me
WYR become a superhero with powers that could save the world and its people physically
become a hero with no powers, yet can save a persons life by preventing them from suiciding and having depression and anxiety


The second one.

Wyr be a cat or a dog? :thinking:


A cat, maybe then I’ll be able to land on my feet for once, after I trip over something.

WYR become a famous author or a poet?


Famous author.

WYR be the funniest person or the smartest person?