Would you rather! ♥️

Everyone knows what this game is, right? :joy:


Firstly, reply to the person’s above would you rather question thingy and then make your own! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ll start!

Would you rather, be able to fly or be able to be invisible?

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I’d rather be able to fly

WYR be an amazing artist or a fantastic writer

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Fantastic Writer :smirk_cat:

Would you rather have super strength or super speed? :rewind:

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super speed

would you rather, read a book or watch the movie version

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read a book

wyr eat 10 pizzas or 10 plates of tacos?

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10 tacos! :taco:

WRY Never play Episode, but your only story get featured or never post on the Forums, and you have 150+ notifications

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Never play episode, but your only story get featured.

WYR have always sunny days or always rainy days?

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Sunny days :sunglasses:

WYR have a nicer wedding or a nicer ring?


Nicer wedding

WYR eat ice cream on a very cold day or chili on a very hot day?

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Eat ice cream on a very cold day cuz that’s what I do anyway lol :relieved:

WYR be remembered as the bravest or the smartest?

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The smartest!

WYR be married to your crush but have him not be loyal or be married to the geekiest person you know and have them be faithful?


I’d rather marry the geekiest person I know :joy:
WYR marry rich but ignorant or poor but nice?


I’d rather marry poor but nice. :wink:

Would you rather eat no candy at Halloween or no turkey at Thanksgiving?

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No turkey at Thanksgiving
WYR have as many dogs as you want or as many cats as you want?

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As many cats as I want :relieved::heart_eyes_cat:
WYR have it always rainy , or always sunny?

Always rainy.

WYR get rid of Art Block OR Writer’s Block?


Get rid of art block

WYD save someone’s life with ur own or save everyones life but get Cancer that u can’t recover from?

the last one and then refuse to do any chemo and life the best life for as long as i would have!!

only reading love books/episodes or only reading fantasy books/episodes!?

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Only read love books/episodes

WYR Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life or only Cookies for the rest of your life?

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