Would you rather


Would you rather eat 100 rats or 10,000 spiders


Personally me I would have to do the rats because like heck to the no with spiders dead or alive


I know. I hate spiders.

Would you rather let 100 spiders crawl on you or 100 snakes


Omg hats tough I would let snakes crawl on me spiders is just a hell naw

Would you rather be extraterrestrial or a magical being


A magical being @Chesirekitten101

Would you rather eat 100 chocolate cakes or 100 vanilla cakes?


Definitely Vanilla cake
Would you rather eat brains or eyeballs for the next five years of your life.


Brains. I am a ZOMBIE @Chesirekitten101
Would you rather never read/write an episode story again or never use the forums again.


Oof I’m jumping in :wink:
I would never use the forums again because I adore writing :rose:
Would you rather freeze or burn?


Would you rather eat 100 worms or 100 bees


I would have to go with the worms I am terrified of bees plus the stinger ouch I am just going to pretend the worms are gummy worms then puke

Would you rather never be able to talk agian or never be able to feel anything again (as in touch things)


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Never be able to feel…

Kill Tom Holland or Kill Tom Hiddleston


This is a duplicate thread btw…