Would you read a 3 episode {complete} story? Also, would you like flashback scenes, or not?

 So I am deciding to make a short story but the chapters are really long {Mostly because I'm starting out and I don't want people to get mad at me because they want more chapters out} so it's only going to be 3 chapters! Would you still read it, or would you not? Please be honest! I can always add in more to it! [It's in INK btw but after it's done, I'll be posting one in lime light]

It is really about personal preference. Some enjoy these short stories. For me - nope. I like to get attached to characters, it brings more emotions for me while reading. I can’t get attached in just 3 episodes.

Okay, thanks! I probably should add in a some more episodes, considering the topic. Thanks for the advice!

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Yeah, I’d read :smile_cat:
Although I prefer shorter length episodes (you have 3 episodes, but they’re all long so that may throw me off) but hey, if it’s really good, I’ll be hooked and keep on reading :wink:

From what I’ve read on the forums (and if I’m not mistaken), people seem to prefer 10-15 minute-long chapters. Otherwise, they might lose interest and feel that the chapter is dragging on too long. If your chapters are extremely long, it might be better to split it up and wait a little before publishing the rest.

For me, I would read a 3 episode story, but it really depends on whether the plot is interesting enough or not. If it feels rushed, then I might stop. I’m a very patient person though haha, and if a chapter is good, I most likely won’t mind a long one.

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Alright, thanks!

It depends on the topic for me

Yeah, this is really good advice! You should do this and it helps with reader retention : )

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Okay, thank you! I will just try and come up with some more ideas for the chapters!

Good luck with the ideas! After all, you don’t want the story to seem rushed.

I think that flashback scenes can be useful if tastefully done because it offers a glimpse into the characters’ past, allowing the readers to get to know them and become even more immersed into the world. Through flashbacks, you can also avoid cramming the entire history into the narration or a conversation, which personally annoys me and seems lazy. However, I feel that you should avoid having too many flashbacks because it can become jarring if you constantly remove the reader from the present moments. That, and it can also quickly become a lazy way to tell the entire history to the reader.

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I don’t mind short stories and I don’t mind long chapters as long there’s not boring lol, I do prefer long stories so we get to know the characters etc. but nevertheless I don’t mind

Ooh, that’s a good point - reader retention. The author has a good opportunity to build a bigger audience. :blush:

oh, okay. There would probably only be 2 or 3, throughout the whole story!

That sounds like a great amount, whatever works for your story! :blush: Do you have a name for it yet, or are you going to keep that a secret for now?

I’m working on it now! The title is kinda long, but it’s called “So About Last Night”

It’s actually an interesting title to me haha. It sounds like something I’d pick up. I’m looking forward to when you publish it! Best wishes with the writing~♡

Okay, thanks! I’m kinda trying to NOT reveal the plot… but it does have some pregnancy in it so would that draw readers/you away from it, or does it not matter?

Hmm, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve seen some people complain about pregnancy cliches (ex: “Pregnant By the ____” story types) or when a sudden pregnancy occurs, dominates the story, and moves the plot in a completely different, maybe unrelated direction. I don’t necessarily think that people are against having some pregnancy in the plot though. Personally, I don’t really mind some pregnancy, but I stay away from plots that heavily revolve around it. That’s my own preference though haha!

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Okay so I can’t even hide my plot now! So it’s basically you getting pregnant by your childhood best friend… is that still a no from you?

OMG :joy: spoiler alert! Like I said, there are some complaints about the “Pregnant By Your/The ___” plots. These stories seem to be all over the place, but it seems like there is an audience for them if they still exist, right?

Either way, if this is a story that you really want to write, then go for it. The plot could still be made interesting too and not cliche. After all, it all comes down to you enjoying the writing/creating process, and readers are just a bonus to witness your handiwork. There will always be people who like or dislike your story, and you can’t please everyone. You just have to do you!

As for me, I’m sorry to say this, but I wouldn’t read it, and it’s nothing against you. It’s just my personal preference! :slight_smile: I will still cheer you on from the sidelines lol.