Would you read a fast paced romance?

Hi guys!
I’ve been working on my story ‘in Love and War’ and since I’ve finished the first three chapters, I’ve been asking people to proofread. Most of them tell me that the relationship between the MC and LI moves too fast. But to me, this is a very important buildup for a certain plotline I intent to follow. The summary is: ’ You immediately fall head over heals while on a diplomatic mission as future queen, with someone below your station. Will your love start a war?’
So I’ve been wondering, would people read this or is a fast paces romance a dealbreaker?
Please let me know!


sometimes it is a deal-breaker for readers, mainly because the romance does not feel/seem real between the characters. as you say it’s important to the plotline for the relationship to move fast but the reader does not know that. and if the reveal on why the romance is fast paced takes 3+ more episodes to show up the reader might get annoyed and abandon the story. fast paced romance works but it’s tricky. if the MC and LI have a history of being together it works (sometimes) if they are complete strangers/acquittances and madly fall in with each other within the matter of a short period of time then it the story is not realistic and throws the reader off


I understand that. I’ve mentioned in the summary that she immediately falls head over heals, that is a ‘warning’ that it will happen fast, right?

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exactly you mention it so it should be clear. i know some episode stories that have fast paced romances and it worked really well for the writer. it depends a lot if the reader likes these kind of stories (not all of them do but there is an amount of them that do) you can ask your proofreaders to give you any ideas on how to make it fast paced but also not feel rushed


I don’t like fast paced and rushed romances. It doesn’t feel natural lol. I feel like you need to let your characters get to know each other and catch actual feelings beside infatuation, which most people mistake for love.

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