Would you read a story about.. football?

Aight, I’ma get straight to it. I’m a writer who’s really into football and especially into one specific club, which for copyright reasons, we’ll call… Leal Marid.
I wanted to write a bit of a fanfiction-y story, making some jokes about players but also including some drama, because… ya know… it’s Episode.

I’m still checking out how to be clear of any troubles with copyright, but, if I were to make this story, would y’all be interested?


no. but I am not the right to ask. I dont like sport.

but what football are you talking about. the amercian football. or the one americans call soccer.

The one american’s call soccer, hahah.


yeah. i dont like sports, but i watch and read about sports all the time. i would read it

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Yes I would!

but I’d get really confused because I live in america and we call it soccer :joy:

I think it’s against the guidelines to base your story off a real club? It would have to be a fictional club you made up yourself.

Even if I change up the names and origin? Names of all the players, coaches, stadium, etc?

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible xD

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I’m not sure, I think @Tyler will be able to help more.

Possibly :woman_shrugging:
I’m not a huge football fan but if the plot is good then I’ll be sure to read it!

I would love to read a story about football.

just make sure that your characters are not like a person.

Example: CR7 or Messi and u create a character of him, that is kinda against guideline.

I’d read it!
I believe you can mention a name of a famous soccer player as long as they don’t appear as a character in your story. I mean, like if someone says, ‘I like Messi and CR7’, it’s okay. but you can’t actually create characters that are supposed to be them.

Totally! I haven’t seen a football story yet! :soccer:

You could always create a fake relative or friend or something :joy:

what if theyre… “mock” characters? Like Borenaldo and Peonel Mercy? (the names would be better than that but you put me on the spot, hahaha).

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Girl I also loooooove football! I have a football story myself, called Breakaway. I would be so down to read your story! What is it going to be called? OMG IM SO EXCITED lmao

You can’t use player names, but you can change them in funny ways. Like replacing letters and stuff.

Thats the plan!

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