Would you read a story like this!?

I recently wrote a story that I decided to name Wrong Number. It’s about a girl who goes on a date and the guy gives her the wrong number. Little does she know this number belong to another guy who she might start to fall for.
This is the link if it sounds interesting to you…
any feedback or advice on what I could do different for the episode community would be great!


It interested me… I proofread! :wink:


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I need some feedback on my story. :blush::butterfly:

As a first time author I want my story to be intriguing to readers and looking for people to tell me what they think of my story. Even if you only read the first episode, anything helps! All feedback is welcome, positive and negative, just please be nice about it. :slight_smile:


Oooh, that’s a really cool premise! I’ll check it out.

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