Would you read a story set in Korea?

Hey everybody!

So… I’m currently planning my Magicka contest entry right now and I plan to have it set in South Korea – which would mean that most of the characters (if not all) would be East Asian. I’m curious if you guys would read this or not since I haven’t seen anything like this before? Should I also name them Korean names or give them English names?

Please be honest and tell me your thoughts, thank you! :heart:


It would be more immersive if you gave them Korean names :smiley:


definitely, i’d check out your story!!! it would be very fresh and new bcs many of the stories are based in the States, if you added some Korean language lines to it that would be great as well :))


Well, in my opinion, If the characters lived in South Korean then they should have Korean names. Since Korean names have a lot more meaning, i guess, then you should give your characters names based on their personality. I would also read your story, so when you do publish it, if you could, tag me! I love Korean culture! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If it’s a good story, yes

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This idea has been on my mind for quite a long time now, so I’m really touched that you guys are okay with the story setting!

I’m just worried that I might get called out for not having “diversity” in my story, so I’m kinda having second thoughts.

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Don’t have second thoughts. If you want to write this story you should!

Heck yeah I’d read it.

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I would read your story. :slight_smile: Write what you like!

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I wrote a story that was set in East Asia and people seemed to like it so go ahead! I gave them accurate names and nobody said anything against it so you do you :smile:

also, Like all my characters were either Japanese, Korean or Chinese so don’t worry about the diversity. I had a few from other races but most of them were Asian. East Asia is not actually that diverse so don’t worry about that aspect!

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I know sooooo many people who LOVE Korea and read episodes but and they always be like " I CANT FIND A KOREAN STORY IN HERE" So OBVIOUSLY ITS A GREAT IDEA!

YAAAAAAS!!! :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:
I would LOVE that!

I would totally read it! I’m tired of all the typical American stuff. I don’t mean I dislike it but I just want to read something different. I’m not American myself so I would love to read your story (:smile: btw there was once a contest called “Asian voices”


I’d definitely check it out, I think we need more stories set in different countries. Also you should totally give them korean names.


Writing a story that takes place in Korea sounds like a great idea :smile:!
But you should also think of a good plot to write, good enough to make people want to read your story.

Look, you don’t have/need to add diversity. But you should take into consideration that there will be readers who rightfully give you constructive criticism for the lack of diversity (in case you don’t diverse with your cast). I just wanted to put it on the table.

Including diversity to your story just because you feel obligated to do so, it is a forced diversity and it will not be diversity at all.

Now when we are talking about diversifying your cast in the story, we mean that you include a variety of different people. Some of the things we are talking about:
Religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, disability, gender & gender identity, sexuality, personality and more.

My advice:

When working on the cast, remember that casts are diverse, not people. Plus, if you want to add minorities to your story, give them a personality. That will not be a good diversity if you just make them nothing but a minority. Minorities are much more. They should be treated like people before treating them like a minority. When making each character of the story cast, think about such things as:

  • Their personality
  • What’s their purpose in the story?
  • Struggles and achievements
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Family and friends
  • What makes them special/different?
  • Minority status (in the end)

So yes. You should look at each character as a person and each one is an important part of your story in their way. Work on the characterism. By doing it, not only you show that you’re giving the topic the care it deserves, but you also are showing that you don’t think that all members of one group (whether if they follow the same religion, are an ethnic group and more) are the same. You know, like minorities actually have strengths and weaknesses, good sides and bad sides, likes and dislikes.

Do research. This is a great way of avoiding stereotypes and believe me, there are stereotypes you should watch out. After all, one of the points of diversity is to bust stereotypes, not to reinforce them.
While at the same time, I am not gonna lie to you. You might do some mistakes from time to time (regardless of stereotypes). But don’t worry! It’s understandable, considering that diversity is not something easy to get right. For this, there are readers who’d love to help you improve as a writer and most, if not all of them will not hate you for that. So be willing to listen to them and learn from your readers (Be open to feedback). They will specify what’s wrong and how to improve.

Ask questions. As you know, not every site on the internet gives you accurate information. So the best thing to make your research more helpful is simply to ask people. For example, you can ask me about religion (Judaism) and nationality (Israel) or about being both Jewish and POC.
But when asking people questions, be specific so they’ll be able to know what to say as an answer.

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I would like to read that.And i think that you should use Korean names :dizzy:

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It’s nice to hear that you guys are open to the idea of having Korean characters!

KanuFlowerTemesgen: I already have the plot thought out a long time ago, I just really wasn’t sure if the community would be open to reading it since it’s such a drastic change from the cast you see in most episode stories (I don’t know if my English is making sense – sorry if it doesn’t!)

I totally agree with you regarding stereotypes and it’s the one of the many things I’m trying to avoid in my story… you have no idea how tiresome it is to read stories where the author always portrays the gay character as this flamboyant and loud person (well that’s true in my case but not every gay friend of mine is like that), so believe me, I know!

Thank you very much for this informative reply though, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! :heart::slight_smile:

Sydney: Thank you so much! I apologize for the mistake!


I am already writing a story about a Vietnamese girl, it’d be interesting to see Korean people too. Although Episode doesn’t release Korean outfits like hanboks :cry:


I’m making a story set in Seoul too!

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