Would You Read A Story That Includes These Features?

Hello, hello! My name is Alyssa, and I’m currently planning a brand new story to share to the Episode Community with the Limelight style. I’m really curious to see what people in the community like nowadays, since Episode has been going through many changes via new features and new assets. So, I’ve decided to create a topic to share my ideas of the story to see if those would be interested.

The story is set to take place in a small little town called Ellesville. A family of five has just been evicted from their family home and are slowly getting back up on their feet. The story mainly evolves around their eldest daughter, Dalisay. The story is being placed as a Drama and Comedy, as of now. The story’s main characters are asian and will be set to look so due to the features Episode has released. I am going to be imputting choices that will affect the storyline and relationships with other characters in the story. Readers, however, will not be able to customize whatsoever due to a unique look the character will have.

As a reader, what are your thoughts on the story’s plans so far and what would you wanna see in the story that would keep you interested? I really wanted to ask so I have a general idea of what content to give to my readers.

Stories don’t always have to have CC. Some people really really love it, but if the story is intriguing enough, it should make readers stay no matter what

personally i do not care about cc anymore. but when i published one without it. so many people asked and my story was not even populare

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