Would you read a story that offered gem choices?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m willing to give it a try

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If you want to comment your opinions on why you would, wouldn’t or might, feel free to do so. Please do not bash others for their opinions. PLease make sure your responses are appropriate.

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Reading A Story With Gem Choices
DISCUSSION: Your thoughts & opinion on EVERYONE using Gem choices

Yes. I would read it. Or at least give it a try.
If I felt like I needed to spend gems to enjoy the story, I would stop reading. I don’t care if the choices are only 2 gems lol, its the principle.
If I felt that the choices could add value without being essential towards a good ending, then they wouldn’t bother me and I’d keep reading. I’m cheap/broke so I probably wouldn’t buy any unless I already had gems and the choice sounded good. I’m honestly more likely to pay for a choice if I know that it’s still possible to enjoy the story without buying any, if that makes any sense lol.


thanks for your opinion on this situation! I appreciate it


I would read the story if the choices worth it, 5 gems not much of a big deal but 10 is, so once in five chapters, with 5 gems seems okay.


Hmm, okay, thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:


Anytime! By the way, love your stories!


Yep. I would read it even if they had choices worth 50 gems. But that doesn’t mean I would buy it. I mean I read Choices, and ALL their stories have at least 3 diamond options. But I never buy any of those choices, yet I still read every book and have a lot of fun reading them. I honestly don’t get how people refuse to read a story just because of a gem choice, like if you don’t like them then don’t buy them? I have been playing Episode since 2014 and I have only ever bought ONE gem choice ever. Gem choices are NOTHING. They’re literally just an outfit that gets you a compliment or two, or just an extra scene that doesn’t even impact the plot at all. So if I come across a gem choice, I just tap on the free option and continue on with the story.


thanks love <3! Appreciate it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed it’s usually just a bonus scene or an outfit, LOL. Thanks for your opinion :smiley:


Only if its used like Cindy Gaultier uses it, like a bonus scene. So not choosing the gemchoice wont affect the story. Otherwise i wouldnt choose to read a userstory with gemchoices to be honest. I wont be adding them to my stories either.


thanks for your opinion and yeah, agreed


I will give my opinion again.
I think there are positive and negative sides to the gem choices.
Sure, there will be people who do not use it in the right way (only an outfit or something that changes the whole story)
But it can really improve a story if done right! An awesome (long) extra scene or when you were not able to reach something you can reach it by using gems. I think it shouldn’t change the story itself drastically!


If there aren’t more then one way to achieve that scene, I’m not reading the story. It feels bad.


Can I ask why? Because I want to use gem choices.
I think that if you spend gems you would want an extra scene in return…


I think, I wouldn’t stop reading a story I like because they have gems. But I wouldn’t like it if the choices are about outfits or about stuff which you can normally get in a story. I would like a gem choice for a different outcome or like something which won’t affect the story but would also give an unique experience to the reader. In my ideas, I would most probably use it in mini games. Like if a reader messes up the mini game themselves then they might get a choice with gem to fix that(Which could have been done right even without the gems choice). But I wouldn’t like when the gem choice is going to improve the chance of winning the whole game. Like if you use the gems you will get this potion which can help you in the future. That kind of gem choices is not what I would support. In a gist, when used nicely, I would read and support a gem story. If not well, I wouldn’t.


okay, that’s literally a GREAT idea!


That is also what I meant. You get a chance to reach something yourself, if you mess up you can use gems to reach it or you get a different outcome.
This is for me the perfect way of using a gem choice!


Exactly. I wouldn’t add gems for something new which isn’t in the story for other readers.


Yes of course I would read them as every story deserves a chance ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If you’ve only taken one gem choice, I can only imagine how many gems you’ve saved up from the gem bonus at the end of each episode official story chapter :smile: