Would you read a story that takes place in the Qing Dynasty era?

Basically, I want to write a story in the Qing dynasty era, but I’m not sure if the readers will like it…
So what you’re gonna expect in the story are revenge, harem drama (which means all the king’s concubines sabotage each other in order for their own son to be the next king) and romance between the mc and the king.

So, would you read it?

  • I would love to!
  • No…

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If you voted no, I would like to know the reason! :slight_smile:

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Hey there would you want to collab? (As in not to write the story together but some of your characters will be in my story while some of mine will be in yours. They can interact and eventually go their separate ways or something. I just think it is a great platform to show writers ideas and creativity. What do you think?)

My story is called Tribe of Malapinchi.

Cause you are making an emperor… while in my final chapter I am making China slaves you know those that were force to build the Great Wall of China…so having the face of the emperor would be a really cool idea for the collaboration. It won’t hinder your own plot of your own story. Just as a side idea if you are interested :smiley:

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I would read it (one of my fav movies is The Palace, and if I remember well, the story also takes place in the Qing-dynasty), but some manju hairstyles would be cool for that story. :smiley: And some more traditional outfits.

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harem drama? You mean haram ?

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Lol not hararm, harem. (I know the meaning of haram btw)

Harem means a man with several wives.

And sure, I would love to collab with you, that would be cool!

Yes I will! The winged buns and the queue braids will be in the story!

The traditional outfits are quite challenging to create but 'll try my best!

And I watched The Palace as well!

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