Would you read a story that's written like a TV show?

I’m going to try to explain this the best way I can:

Think about shows like Fresh Prince of bel-air, Friends, Full house, Practically any Disney and Nickelodeon TV show, Each episode has a different plot.

Example using the show "Jessie"

Season 4 episode 7 plot:
When the kids are snowed in at the penthouse, an epic game of capture the flag ensues. Allegiances are tested, tricks are pulled and everyone goes a little overboard.

Season 4 episode 8 plot:
In an effort to help Ravi make friends, Jessie takes him to a MENSA meeting in the park. A red-haired girl named Madeline overhears Ravi talking about math and couldn’t help it but talk math with him and soon both bond, but Ravi soon realizes she might be too good to be true.

I hope I explained this well enough, but please share your thoughts.

  • I would read
  • I wouldn’t read
  • I don’t really understand the question

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I would love to read these kinds of stories and plan writing one myself💕

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I was actually thinking about making a story like this, I would totally read it!!!

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Sure, why not?
The story “Laundry Shop” is written like a TV show (no choices) and it made it onto Editor’s Picks!
Tell me when the story is out! I’d like to try it :slight_smile:


Was about to comment this! Laundry Shop is brilliant also because it’s written as if it were a TV show. So def go for it if that’s what you like!

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The Bachelor by NALI. It’s a amazing story. Something between Hollywood and TV show. Check it out, you won’t regret​:blush::blush::blush:

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