Would you read a story where one of the main characters love interest has mild autism?



So, my brother suffers from mild-autism and he has a hard time with expressing his thoughts/feelings. He doesn’t have severe autism and if you met him you would think he was “normal” but he does suffer from mild autism as well as other special needs disabilities. So I was thinking about doing more research on mild autism and making one of the MC’s love interest have mild-autism.

Background of the story:
Three black girls foster kids attend a predominantly white school and they experience racism, harassment and much more.

So, in my story, it will include not only POC’s, but also a disability that not many people heard of (most people think there’s only one type of autism which is there severe kind.).

I’m trying to have my story include what most stories don’t. I want to be different from the other readers and I want my story to stand out.

Please leave any thoughts/opinions down below.


YES- having diversity in our stories is super important in all forms- I’d definitely read that




I would! But then again, I’m autistic, so it’d be really weird if I was like, “No, I’d never read a story featuring characters with autism!” :joy:


Right, but it’s crazy cus there are some people who really wouldnt read a story if any of the characters have special needs.


There was a story on Episode about this girl who was autistic (the author was autistic) and she sadly quit but the stories got sooo many views.


Do you mean Miss Luna Rose? :slightly_smiling_face:


tbh , I forgot the authors name but all I know from remmebering is she said that she had autism and one of the characters in her story was autistic.


I can’t believe MissLunaRose quit. Her stories were absolutely amazing :((


My little brother has mild autism, I would love to read a story like that, we need something personal and realistic fir the community :slight_smile:


Oh! I must be talking about Miss Luna Rose, im sad she quit, I was loving her story.




I would love to read this story, send me a link when it’s published :grin:


Sure, but me mentioning that the MC’s love interest has mild-autism will be in chapter 4,! :slight_smile:


I would. I’m not autistic, but I think that would be awesome. I know that ADHD isn’t the same as autism, but from one obstacle to another, I support this!


I would. :slight_smile:


I would definitely read a story like that! I think it’s important to encourage people to read/ make that kind of stories!

Just don’t go too far with the harassment and racism, stick to content guidelines.

Sounds like an interesting story though


Lol that would be ironic

But if the author (I’m not talking about this kind of story) would unintentionally present the character in a bad light, would you read it?

I know it bothers me when someone makes a character a walking stereotyped about my religion or gender or something else. Once I saw a movie that was being pretty racist to my religion and I stopped watching, it didn’t look intentional but it felt like an insult.


Good point. I would probably nope out of that story faster than you can blink. Or send them a strongly worded mail if I was feeling particularly confrontational…


ofcourse i would i think that’s a REALLY GOOD IDEA
i have mild autism
i think what uore doing is a real good argument for people there has it though good work:grinning::grinning: