Would you read a story where the MC experiences racism and soon begins to love herself?


Hi, I’m writing a story about 3 (beautiful) black girls who are foster kids and end up going to a predominantly white school and experience racism from this one girl. One of the characters (Aaliyah) has been bullied since she was a kid due to the darkness of her skin color and she ends up reuniting with her freshman (racist) bully.
Anyways, would you guys read this story? It’s not a typical story that most people write about , and I just wanted to know if someone would consider reading it? (No , im not promoting my story, I just need to know if this will catch anyone’s interest since it differs from most episode stories) :slight_smile:

Perceived Racism On Episode (An open thread)

I would!
Send me the link!


currently, waiting on my backgrounds to be approved! I will send the link when it’s published. Thank you for responding! :smiley:


You are very welcome! I’ll bookmark this post for later.


I definitely would! I’m sick of reading the same thing over and over. Plus I think it’s good for white people like myself to face and learn about racism whenever we can, even if it’s just in a story.


thank you for your response <3!


Sounds a bit like a book I read recently. A girl from a “black” neighborhood starts attending a school dominantly composed of white people.

I would defiantly read it. :slight_smile: Keep me updated.


Will do <3


Yes, of course! Let me know when it’s published.


Thank you for your response and I sure will! I’m just waiting on episode to accept my overlays/backgrounds before i can actually publish the story :’(


Sounds like a good story!
What style?


thanks for your response , limelight


I booked mark this post, can you send a link/ tell details (so I can search it) when you publish?


sure! :slight_smile:


Sounds really good and can’t wait to find out when it’s published.


thank you for your response’ I will! :heartbeat:





So I was finally able to publish the story, here’s the link: No Choice but Murder :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing I’ll definitely have a read


Awesome :smiley: