Would You Read A Story Where The MC Has Asperger Syndrome?

Okay so I am planning a story where the MC will have Asperger? (So the MC will have very low social skills, talks very formal and she has some sensory abnormalities) I’m planning on doing research :slight_smile:


Please do the research and yes I will read your story…
I myself have socialising issues when I was little I just wanted to be in my own space without anyone disturbing me…
I didn’t even talk to my family members sometimes because I was so scared that what might they would think of me if I said something stupid…
And I was able to make friends when I didn’t had them but after I had them I started to distance myself from them… staying in my own little bubble…
But something just snapped in me after 2 and a half month of being like this so I pulled myself together said to myself “You are an Idiot Sneha” “Seriously Why do you even care about what might the people will think” “There work is to think and make comments” “So are you just gonna stay like this and waste your whole life” “Caring about what might the other will think”“I stood up and walked forward never looking back with my head raised high”
That being said now I’m the most straightforward person in my family…
Some times when they hesitates to say something I do that now…
I love making friends now…
Even if was just a small group first but now I’m very well known in my school…
So, I am glad that you are pointing these things out…
I would love to read your story @Alyssa_Snijders

Oh… well a little too overboard for a reply…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I would love to read that story! :heart:

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I would read it and my brother has Asperger’s Syndrome, so I know quite a bit about (not as much as somebody who has it though). I would definitely suggest doing research and if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:


I would enjoy reading a story like that :kissing_heart:
But I agree with @S.Dsana, that it would probably be best to do a little bit of research, so that it properly represents Asperger’s.

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I would read it, but you really do need to do research. Some people think Asperger Syndrome is very different from how it actually is sometimes, and over exaggerated representation of it makes it seem unkind and mean spirited. As long as it accurately is portrayed, I’d love to see a story with that kind of character.



Thank you all so much! I am definitely planning on doing research, I think it’s very important. And I will definitely ask for some help when I need it @random_life! I want to make the character a bit like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory but without her too arrogant (If you know that show, praise you) so she can’t recognize sarcasm, she will immerse herself in intense interests, she will talk very formal, she will be straightforward and she also has a routine. The story will be mainly be about her teenage years to her adulthood and how she develops. There will be a bit of romance but that’s not the main thing in the story and it will come in her adulthood. I have never met a person with Asperger so I really hope that I can represent them good. So research will definitely needed. I will have the story proofread before I publish it so it won’t be insulting.



Your story plot reminds me of a story I read in Year 7 called Rain Reign. It’s about a girl with Asperger Syndrome and overcoming social issues while experience her loss during a typhoon That struck her town.

It’s pretty emotional, although for younger readers. I would like to read a story like that!

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