Would You Read A Story With 2 choices or less per episode?

I’m just wondering because I feel like choices throw the story off and I can’t really keep up. But if I don’t put choices the story might be boring.


I think it depends a lot on the story. What it is about and what plot it has. But if it’s interesting, then of course, I would read a story without choices! :yay:

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IT is Called Episode Interactive And Readers Should Interact With the story But i read Finding sunshine/ Jaded Love By The Awesome Bri And I Feel Like Dont add so many choices that will make them go insane but make sure u add at least 7 or 4 choices in each episode and then continue with more

Woah that’s a-lot. I just have a hard time with putting choices in the story. And thinking about what the choices would be about. Plus the choices don’t actually affect the story.

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Well I Have Some Tips But Are You Good At Directing Did You Watch Joseph Evans And Read All of Dara.Amrie Tutorials Because I did And I Learned So Much,
But for my tips on choices I Feel Like They Should affect the story because lets say later on you make a scene with the MC And Love Interest breaking up and lets say in the next episode somebody ask did they break up you can add a choice saying yes we did or no because that is very important my tip is to make important choices try thinking and what i do is write down every episode every character there age the sexuality and for the episode i write down every single thing that gonna happen in those episode for my story it has 16 episode and i wrote chapter 1-16 and wrote what happens in those exact episode!

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sorry this Is A- LOT TO READ!

That’s a lot of commitment. Thank-you for the tip which is in a really long paragraph, much appreciated. :grinning: :sweat_smile:

LOL Your welcome and remember To Have fun writing isn’t a Job It’s Something to Enjoy Don’t stress about it All Famous Authors Prob Only had 200 readers or 5 Reads or followers But Remember Writing Should be fun Not A Job!

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Tbh I don’t mind a story with almost no choices or with no choices at all! I usually read stories based on how good the writing/directing is, as well as the plot, so if there are no choices (or just a few like outfit choices or similar) but I like the story, I’ll be reading it 100%!

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i’m all eyes and thumbs to read a nicely plotted story with no choices!

while adding choices, make sure they actually do influence the plot or character relationship in some way.

what i personally find annoying is when someone adds a dialogue choice where all the options are just worded differently and will have the same outcome. like, that means the author just put the choices for the sake of putting them :sob:

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As long as the story plot intrigues me, I have no problem in reading stories with less choices! :hugs:

If i’m being honest, i don’t really like general choices, outfit ones are fine. Also, if you think it’s going to be too heavy for you, then do what’s best for your story. Nowadays, episode stories include limited choices, so i wouldn’t worry if i was you! But it’s totally up to you, sweet :relaxed:

I’d definitely read a story without or with less choices! It’s all about the plot for me :blush:
I have two stories myself where I haven’t put a single (important) choice in it, simply because I have the whole story plot in my head and I Don’t want to ruin it.

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