Would you read a story with a female LI for a female mc?

So I decided a female LI for my mc felt more comfortable. Especially with her personality and the story line! But what I want to know if this would throw you off reading my story :thinking:

Here's the story blurb

When Hillridge High is hit with bombs, the only survivor is Zara. Waking up 50 years later, she discovers the town, and the whole world has been destroyed. But is she the only survivor?


I would read it. The gender of a love interest or a main character doesn’t matter to me. And, when given the chance I usually pick the female LI

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lol. sweet! thanks for your input

i usually put boy for LI in a story but i Don’t really mind the gender tbh , i would read the story , interesting plot btw :eyes:

thanks and awesome to know you like the plot!

I would be fine with it. Please tag me when it is out.


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Interesting plot!
The only thing I want to warn you with is . . .

Her Appearance!

Since she has been in a coma or something for the past 50 years, she should look a bit aged and pale since she has not done anything outside. She should also look frail.

I’m a little confused how she didn’t die from not eating. Maybe a twist could be that someone was feeding her. ( Someone else secretly survived.)

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no like. Theres gonna be a reason why she survived so long and still looks young! its like a paranormal story ya know like she has powers

Lol I like to think some creep was secretly feeding her :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  1. YES YES FEMALE LI; women are :drooling_face::heart_eyes:
  2. Plot seems awesome!!!

Lol and thanks

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i don’t mind about the genders:)

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Yes absolutely

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