Would you read a story with a male lead?


Apologies for the rather short post :sweat_smile:

I’m currently working on my first story, and a pretty big part about it, is sort of worrying me a bit. See, the main character in the story is a male. I decided to go this route, because, I feel like it is different, and would differentiate this story from others like it. But, my main question is that, would you, as a reader, end up reading a story with a male lead? (All things aside – the plot, characters, etc. Would the male MC make you skeptical, or hesitant to give it a read?)

I’m fine with any answer, I’m just setting up this thread as a basic survey, to see how much of the episode community would be willing to give this type of story a try (all votes are left anonymously, but feel free to give a reasoning for your vote in the comments).

  • I’d give it a read
  • It depends
  • I don’t think I would
  • I wouldn’t

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Yes, I would. I love Bad Boy’s Game and I find it unique and interesting. You should check it out, its really worth it and I love the author JC.

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Thank you for the feedback! And, I don’t believe I’ve heard of that story before. I’ll have to check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I have and would read stories with male leads.

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Do please, well worth your time. Only bad bit is waiting for new episodes! :joy: :roll_eyes:

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I love stories with male leads. They’re different and gives a whole new perspective which makes it much more interesting to me :sun_with_face:


Different perspective, different thoughts, different story…sounds lit!!! :v::smile:


I’ve read a few stories with Boy Leads and they never dissapointed. Give it a try!

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Thank you for your feedback :blush:

Glad you feel the same way! :kissing_heart:

If it looked interesting, I would read it. In fact, I might even be more interested because if the author made a male protaganist, perhaps the story is unique in other ways as well.

No, I am not saying all this because my story has a male protaganist.

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My story has a Male MC, so I’d definitely read one.


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