Would you read a story with cannibalism in it?


I love me some well-done cannibalism :crazy_face:

Question is, do you too?


Nope, lol. Unless the characters are like super desperate. :confused::joy:


Ahhh… No, I don’t think so. That’s too dark for me. But I’m sure there’s an audience for everything, right? :sweat_smile:


oh, good lord, no. nope. never.


I mean, I’m 99% sure that would break the guidelines.

I think for episode audiences at least, you should stay away.
Especially since that topic is extremely graphic.


I was going to say the same but then again, a whole lot of stories on Episode blatantly break their guidelines :thinking:


Wow. Whats wrong with cannibalism (jk)

Any ideas that makes you want to read the story? What if its too interesting and the cannibal gets caught in the end. Like multiple endings?


nope nope nope, sorry but that’s too much for me xD




well, I mean, you asked, and I answered


yup ur right thx for answering :joy:


Good luck with story writing!

Good day xox


Depends. How graphic is it? And I have to agree with @AllieM that it may not be allowed on episode :sweat_smile:


Its like eating regular meat… like some forks and stuff


It could be a interesting, but still unsettling at the same time.

I just feel like it’s a extremely disturbing subject in general, and episode wouldn’t allow it. I personally wouldn’t want someone younger reading that kind of material, especially if it’s shown in the wrong light.


As long as there is a good reason / it is done well, cannibalism is just fine in my opinion. I personally think that it would be really cool/interesting in a story. Although I am pretty mature for my age and I like dark, creepy, and/or gory types of things.


You’ll be playing as the MC who is a cannibal and also another MC whos a cop trying to find why mysterious deaths happens in the school


I mean… I’ve read a story (not on Episode) where cannibalism was mentioned, but the protagonist was in absolute desperate measures and went into very deep psychological trauma. The passage where he actually ate his friend was quick and not too graphic. I don’t remember the title of the book but it was a good read, to be honest.

There are just a lot of things to consider before writing about that kind of stuff. And to bring that into Episode: that’s a hard NO :sweat_smile:


That sounds like it would be an interesting/cool story! I would read it.


Justice will be served if you get caught :joy: