Would you read a story with this personality chars

Li: Quiet, not known in school nor bullied, nor a player. Calm and collected, intelligent
MC: Has a nonchalant attitude but not as much to come off as rude. Nerdish. Not as known in the school but has some friends no one bullies her. Intelligent.

Would you read a story with these characters?


I would! I always enjoy stories more when they are not about the stereotypical ‘badboy player’

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I would read it as well!!

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Yay! I was so worried when making their personalities cause I didn’t want to be stereotypical!

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I’d read it as well :))

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I feel like these are realistic characters which I like

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I would. Sounds like very realistic and relatable characters :slight_smile:

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This sounds really, really, REALLY good :blush:

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I would that sounds like a very interesting story idea


Sure just fill out the form

What form?

Of course! They sound totally relatable, and I love reading about relatable characters.