Would you read a story with/without character customisation?

Please answer this poll about character customisation…

  • I could read a story with character customisation
  • I could read a story without character customisation
  • It depends

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I personally don’t care if there is character customization.

If there isn’t it can make it really unique in a way. But if there is a person can imagine they’re in the story.


I prefer character customization because that’s part of the appeal of interactive fiction but I will read a story without it if it’s a really good story

I like both. I personally prefer stories where it is about a character with limited or no CC because I do this sometimes. A couple of stories where there is CC and name your own character, the character with my name will do things that would not be okay for me to do. Like…sometimes, writers write characters very less traditional and I am a traditional person. So when a character named for me does something, I literally feel terrible. Like, I don’t wanna read the story anymore, so I like it when I’m reading a story about somebody, not about me.