Would you read a story without CC?

I really don’t like the idea of adding CC to my story, and I myself never customize the characters of the stories that I read, but I know that many readers don’t even read a story if there is no CC.
So my question is

Would you read a story that has no CC?
  • Yes
  • No

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If no, why?
And what is your opinion in general?


Definitelyyy yes will read it :heart:
Also I love having cc while reading stories I find that fun and also like when I don’t like one or two features that were originally created!!
But I would definitely be very much fine with no cc at all too :100:


thank you for your opinion :two_hearts:

I like this too, and this way the MCs are unique too.


At first I liked customization, but now I find it a bit of a chore, especially picking names. I’d much rather go with the default the author chose and get right into the story.


Hey Joanne00,

CC is not a must for me as a reader… But as a writer I like to give the reader an option to do CC. Although it is a lot of work to get CC in your script… :woman_facepalming: Especially when we are talking about limited CC. But my first story I wrote (‘Little Star’) is without CC.

@GRH :laughing: I had to read your story two times because the first time I chose my own avatar (and I needed to play with my wings :woman_facepalming: :laughing: ) LOL
But honestly I understand where you coming from…

Love A-W


I had a similar experience when I had customized my avatar to look like an Andorian from Star Trek (blue skin, white hair, etc) and it looked weird for the Earthman to look more alien than the alien. :laughing:


You know the story “The Stripper” from DR?? I had a time that I was to quick with making a choice. That my MC went to work just in a towel as result. :woman_facepalming: :rofl: By the way that is a totally 18+ story.

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I would, unless (Please don’t judge, it just bothers me like heck, if there’s full round pouty lips and it’s a LONG story, or deep false lash smoky eyes, they both bother me so much, Ik people love them but I can’t stand them).
Otherwise, I don’t mind no CC


I don’t like those eyes too
Thank you for your opinion :smile:

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Same, at first I loved to customize, when stories was still in ink style. Then I started to make all the characters similar and just stopped.
I like to many LL features so I just like to keep characters as they are.

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I honestly don’t like CC - especially name customization.
Some stories without CC have amazing character overlays and I feel that sometimes characters ethnicities are important to a story. I also like when there is narration about a character’s look and maybe also a story of why they have (short/long hair e.g).

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Thank you for sharing your opinion, I feel the same way

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