Would you read a story without Character Customization?

Hey everyone! I’m currently working on a story and it’s my first story! I decided not to add CC (character customization) in it to not complicate things for me since it’s my first story. Personally, I like having CC but I believe the storyline is what’s going to keep you engaged in the story so it’s more important than having CC, but that’s just my opinion. I wanted to know your thoughts on it; whether or not you NEED to have CC in a story or not.

  • I can read stories without CC
  • I NEED CC or I won’t read the story

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i dont care for it myself. but when i relised a story without cc.many readers ask if they could get to cc. and a few told me they would not read it because there was no cc

If I was honest, it really depends. Sometimes I’m just not with it, I need my characters to look good - I guess this is one of those things I feel kinda OCD about (no I’m not diagnosed with it, I just feel like I’m uncomfortable without CC). See sometimes there’s just that crooked nose or the eyebrows to close to the eyes and it just really annoys you. When it comes to LL, I CAN"T CUSTOMIZE. I swear the males are sooooo hard to customize so I stopped reading a really good story (stupid, right?), but all in all, if I’m in a good mood, no crooked nose can faze me.

I would say hope this helped but I cannot think of a single way it might so yh byeeeeee :black_heart:


Lack of CC isn’t a dealbreaker for me, so yes, I would.

If the story is interesting - who cares.

Well actually I prefer stories without CC because when it’s without CC the author can tell more about the character.

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hello i really love the episodes but in hd like sims are much better

TBH I used to hate reading stories with cc. Then I realized it’s not necessary like it’s a bunch of coding to do and sometimes an author has a specific way they want to look. So I say it’s not necessary.

It depends for me.

I don’t mind if the story is interesting.

But I hate when they have no cc/limited cc because “it’s important to the story” when really, the appearance rarely advances the story line.
The LI just has detailed internal monologues of the MCs eye color. I’ll still read it, but I’ll feel a little cheated, because romantic narrations tend to be my least favorite part of stories.