Would you read a sugar baby/daddy


Just a question, I would love to see what people want!


As long as the storyline is good, I’d read it :slight_smile:


Just for clarification, it’s when they’re the same age.


I’d be hella into it if the man was the sugar baby and he had a sugar mama~


Well, to be honest, I think it’s better if the woman/man works hard for the things in life, instead of getting them handed to them easily : )
It’s fun to read a story where the person works hard for a living and seeing their journey is entertaining, eliciting all kinds of emotions from us-I prefer not reading sugar daddy/sugar baby stories since I don’t like how the man just lavishes the woman with gifts (not that I am against gifts-I love getting them, too) but it sort of just makes me a little angry, I guess :thinking: Idk how to explain it :sweat_smile: However there will be others who enjoy them and find them as an escape from reality and it peaks their interest.
Not for me though…
Again, we all have different preferences and our likes make us unique : )


I’ve never seen a story like that on Episode :grin:
Would be interesting to come across one-a rare gem :wink:


I was actually thinking of trying my hand in it, but I’m on the fence about it right now :smile:


I say go for it :smirk::heart:
There’s a lot of sugar daddy/baby stories on the app, I believe, so it would be nice to see something like this instead :slight_smile:
#loveit #goforit #youshouldwriteit :sunglasses::heart:


Damn, I just might now! But it’s gonna be hard thinking of an original plot since all the good ones have probably already been done in the 100,000 sugar baby/daddy stories on the app :thinking:

I’ll probs think of something in due time~


I was thinking bout that! I was gonna do a LGBT one aswell


Oh damn! An LGBT one would be so nice! I’d read the hell outta both of them!


Wanna be my partner?


I like your mindset of diversity


Yes I would, but if the person was named Sugar :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Real talk, that sounds like a stripper name…


You know, Honey and Sweetie sound like one too. Endearing nicknames…


Oh wow… mind blown.


@XxAlphaBetaxX btw, started reading your story~ Good job.


I’m not really one for double teaming on a story, I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

Also, thank you for reading and complimenting my story!! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


No problem!