Would you read an Episode Story with a Gay MC?

I’ve ran into an issue recently that I feel like I needed to rant about and seek advice from.

My friend and I are currently working on a story that has a complex plot and storyline. Considering it’s an episode story, there will be romance included.
We’ve written a gay character who deals with the hardships of Victorian era homophobia and internal feelings.
I’m genuinely worried about the success rate of my story because we all now the mass majority of episode users are straight people who indulge in bad boy and gang related stories.

The active part of the community (creators, forum users, and users on other social media platforms.) are generally super understanding and love diversity, having said this, my concern is for the occasional readers that use the app and don’t really contribute to the community like we do.

I went ahead and added two main characters so that theres a straight character that they can play around with.

But here’s the catch, both main characters are boys and there’s little to no character customization.

I’m afraid that having a non-straight character and no female Mains will affect the stories success. It sucks that readers are so discriminatory and uninterested in it.

What an I do to make up for this?

I realize that some of you will simply say ignore them and write the way I want it, but you have to understand I can’t simply do that. It can’t control the community and we’re working really hard on the story. I don’t want others views to destroy my stories chance of success. I don’t agree with their views but like I said, there’s nothing I can do?

So what can I do to implement something that will interest them apart from the storyline?

Also, have any of you ran into a problem like this?

Also here’s a quick poll.

  • I would read a story with a gay MC
  • I wouldn’t read a story with a gay MC

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You could make a character that likes the mc? And maybe switch on and off with them?

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You mean, creating a love interest for the main character?

I want my characters to have personality and depth. I feel like CC ruins that.


A character that likes the MC but they don’t know about them being gay

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Can I have the name of the story, thought? It seems interesting.


I haven’t published it yet. Right now I’m writing the story and I’ll convert it to the portal afterwards.

I’m confused by the question, Do you want the plot line or title?

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The title-




I say go for it, people complain about diversity so much but doesn’t even bother to look out Male MC.


I’d read any story as long as it has grammar, quality, a lesson, and something that makes it unique.


I would read, people are all about lgbt characters especially for main characters.
Don’t let the success of a story change how you want to write it. Write the story exactly how you want it, it’s really about you being happy with what you’re writing. And character customization is all up to you, if you want the characters to have a certain look then keep it that way.
At this point the only people you should be pleasing are you and your friend


I would totally read a story with a male, gay and main character! Your idea for your story sounds cool, I count on an interesting plot :smiley: Have you read “Homecoming Kings”? There were gay characters aswell, and that story got so popular and was awesome ;D So, when are you going to upload yours? I’m already inpatiantly waiting :smiley:


It’s been a while since I read it but I’m pretty sure it is Prom Kings.
Anyway, that made a huge success and the mc was gay.
You shouldn’t have much to worry about, especially if you make up for it with your complex plot.