Would you read an otome-like story?


If you don’t know what otome is basically Japanese visual novels with multiple love interest endings, you can get endings such as, good, neutral, bad ending. My question. would you like to see a story like this? If so how many love interests? And what should the love interests’ personality be like? Would you replay the story to see other endings? Do you want a female love interest? (MC is female btw)

Thank you for reading, please share your opinions. :kissing_heart:


Otome stories is my favorite game to play, I definitely will read your story :smiley:
To answer your questions:

Maybe 3 or 4 love interests?
Any type of personality is fine.
I will reply the story to get other endings( I usually do that if the story has multiple endings)
Yes please :heart_eyes:

If you publish it please tell me, I will go to read it :heart:


Thank you! I’m working on it, it should be out in a week or so. :heart:


I like them however I usually decide in the first few chapters who I would like to end up with, especially when the love interests have a very different personality. Therefore I never felt I would want to replay any of these stories. I actually have a story with four love interests, and I didn’t even think people would replay it to see the other endings. I hope they don’t because except for a few lines written to fit different characters, all my endings are pretty much the same. If anyone decides to replay it, he/she will probably hate me forever :smile:


As long as it’s not like one of those otome games where all the guys fight for you right from the beginning, I’d love to check it out. It would be nice if the love interest’s attraction to you was measured in difficult-to-get “love points” or something like that, so only one LI falls in love with you and the others either have a little crush on you which they don’t act too much upon or are just friends with you. Maybe even encourage your relationship with the LI you have a higher “lov’o’meter” with at some point in the story?
Just to make it more realistic :blush:


Id read it. I like otome games.


Thanks y’all! I’m writing the outline and your words helps a lot! :heart:


I am a fan of otome games…
Specially some of them (Have anyone read Princess Closet) I literally am in Love with each and every character of it…
I have finished every route of it…
And I want to delete it but I’m so attached to it that I can’t do that… :cry::cry:


My personal favorite is MysticMessenger :smiley:


I love that as well…
Actually have anyone ever tried "MY BEWITCHING PERFUME"


Adding them to my list, I will try them out once this story is finished. :joy:


Please try them…
Even I was thinking of writing a story with routes…
But I’ll provide the route in the second chapter for them to choose…
After the prologue…


Its so sweet specially the characters…
How they bond together and all that…


Thank you for recommendations!


No problem…
Oh… and have you tried OKKO studio games. ever…




Try them out as well…
Specially I suggest my Office lover (new), Decoding Desire and that what was its name… Rental Boyfriend
I have many but these three are definitely my favorite…
But yeah you have to complete missions in it…


Chocolate temptation
Magic sword
Mystic Messenger
Ninja Love
My sweet scandal
Be my prince(i think thts wat it was called)
My lovely cat(if u wanna consider it otome)
Are some small reccendations ik some have already reccomeded these tho


Oh my you have read my sweet scandal…
Have you tried My Sweet Scandal Returns
It has more routes then the first one…


No i didnt know there was a return ill check it out ty ^^