Would you read my story idea?

I’m still working on the first episode of my story “Breakthrough” and it’s really hard so I need to know if it’s worth it, please be honest!

The MC is born from a french mother and an american father. They always moved a lot, since the father is in the military. She has a sister two years older, that’s mean and manipulative and seems better than her in every way, except one: Music. Moving a lot and being kinda depressed because of it, she started a youtube channel where she posts music she writes herself. However, when her parents divorce and she choose to stay with her mother, turns out they’re moving to Paris! It will be a lighthearted story about teenagehood and the things that go with it. No triggering topic, rather the kind of story you would read when you’re kinda down and needs something sweet.

The reader will have the choice to make her happy about moving to Paris or not, and I’m thinking of making points for the personality too (probably shy/rebellious) I mostly need help with the love interest, his name is Hugo and he wants to become an actor, he’s pretty artsy too but I don’t know what trope to use with him? A bad boy, good boy, nerd, what would you prefer? No matter what, my priority is making them an healthy ship, Hugo will respect boundaries no matter your choices; Romantic scenes will not be mandatory and you will not be punished for not wanting romance in MC’s life. Also: there’s gonna be two endings, both happy but in different ways! I’m also thinking of a third ending where the MC ends up alone but HAPPY! Because you don’t need no man to be happy, that’s just a bonus!

I really need help so thank you in advance.

  • Yes, i would read it.
  • No, I wouldn’t.
  • I’m not sure.

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this sounds super cool. i would definitely read this!

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Thanks a lot! That’s really encouraging :smile:

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