Would you read my story if I didn’t add CC?

  • Yes I don’t care
  • Yes I prefer no CC
  • No I need CC
  • No only if there is limited
  • Maybe

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I don’t care about CC, it’s a maybe since I would only read it if I feel like I would like it.

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Even though I like CC, I’ll read a story without it. However, some authors have gotten “hatemail” rudely asking for CC… I wouldn’t worry too much about pleasing those readers though, since writing a story should be something you enjoy, not something you’re pressured about.


I don’t care about CC as long as there’s diversity. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I definitely enjoy it and that’s why I don’t want the characters to change. They all have their own personality to match their appearance. When you change them, it is no longer like reading about their lives.

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Agreed!! I added customization just in case if people want to you know? Look like themselves but in reality sometimes like customization can be like bulls*it because sometimes that’s all chapter 1 is, is just customization!

I mean I get it you wanna customize the MC and LI

But like when authors add customization for:

  • her/his brother/sister
  • her/his best friend
  • her/his mom/dad
    Etc etc



:joy: You’re re right, that is really annoying.


exactly very annoying!!! And yet they make that the entire first chapter like wowwww!

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For real though why would people use their passes if they don’t even know what the story is about. I would let them play the story first and add it to the end or maybe
at the beginning if it’s 1 or 2 characters.

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To me, 1 or 2 characters for CC is perfect


I agree… But I am totally out if the first episode is only about CC. :woman_facepalming:


Exactly!!! At least have storyline after CC not just be like:

Customize the MC and LI.

But then even after that with some stories theres more customization more useless CC

but then after all that you expect storyline right?

HAHA WRONG then the narrator comes and says “END OF EPISODE, sorry episode 1 was only for CC next episode the story will start”!



I don’t care if there’s CC in a story or not. If there’s CC in a story, I prefer to play as the default character. :woman_shrugging:

Sometimes, I even prefer to have no CC in a story because in my opinion, characters who you can costumize sometimes feel more like avatars then actual characters with a personality (but that might just be my personal experience because I played games in the past with avatars that didn’t have any personality at all)

I can see why people love CC however, I think it’s because they like to put themselves or their original character in the story.


true! That’s why in my story I added CC so people can customize my main character (LUCY) to look like themselves or whatever, but at first I wasn’t even going to add CC to my story I was like “Lucy is how I want her to be” but then people told me if you have CC in your story it does better and gives the reader a chance to make the MC how they want


Love, I don’t care about CC that much. If your story plot is interesting than I’m sure everyone won’t mind about having no CC :blush:

I have read many episode stories where there’s no CC and the author gets asked repeatedly as to why there’s no CC. Even clearing this topic at the 1st chapter of having no CC, some people still bother them by asking the same thing again and again. All i want to say is respect the author’s decision. If he or she doesn’t want to add CC in his or her story then respect it. And if you can’t enjoy the story without customizing the MC and their LI, then please don’t waste your passes on that story. Use then on the ones you prefer AND MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t bother the author by asking for CC again and again. I have seen a few author’s whom listen to each of their fanmails and change their story according to their suggestions. Later on, the author themselves can’t recognize their own story. It’s heartbreaking for the author. Finally THIS IS JUST MY POV. Some of yours pov may be different than mine and it is expected to be so. If you don’t agree with me than you can politely disagree with me. I am all ears on your opinions.

PS, ignore any grammer mistakes and thank you for hearing out my opinion.


I put Maybe because it would need to have a good story line. Though I prefer full CC or limited CC over none at all. For me it’s about the description and what happends in that first chapter, whether that be you make promises on what will happen in a future chapter (Not giving away the end) or you have s really good hook in your intro.

I don’t think people will care as to whether or not you include it. if it’s a good read then people will read it regardless.

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Then I can only hope that my description and storyline are good. :woman_shrugging: :joy:

I haven’t seen your MC, so maybe this doesn’t apply to her, but I don’t like when authors don’t include CC and proceed to create a “generic” MC. Sorry, but we all know that certain features are overly used on this platform and I like to create unique MCs to distinguish between the stories I read (I’m a visual person).

So I don’t have a problem as long as the MC looks unique and interesting.


Well, I don’t really have have 1 MC. It’s actually a story about 3 MC’s if you can call it that. I mean sometimes it is about 1 person for a longer period of time but they all have an important role in the story. I don’t really understand what I mean either. :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile: :joy:

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As long as you plan it out I’m sure it will be. I recommend setting a coding deadline and a writing deadline and planning out how may chapters you want in total. I’m new to this and Idk if you are but what I recommend doing is taking you story idea and implementing some of your reader mid set. Also have a schedule or idea of times when you would be writing and when you will be coding. (My story isn’t out yet but that’s the kind of thing’s I am trying to impliment into planning and inacting)

Also if you chose to have CC this website should help if you don’t already know about it: https://www.dara-amarie.com/ it has many tips, guides, and templates. Also joseph evans videos and this website can help too linked here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqsbyQ1FLql9V0BlLhzZXQ/videos and http://www.episodelife.com/. Plus asking for help or finding help on the forums works too.

Plus I’m sure it will be good, when your story is out you can link me and I’ll read it.

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