Would you read my story if it had no choices or CC?

Since this is an interactive platform, probably not. However, if I did happen to start reading it and the plot was good, then possibly.

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I don’t mind no CC and no choices really. But most people do. If you choice to no add choices make sure you add several outfit changes throughout the story maybe two or three in each episode just to give the reader something to do and make sure there are several outfits pick from hair and makeup let him do that even if it’s only curly hair or straight hair you know just to give them something to do.

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That’s my thing I don’t like pointless choices.

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No CC is fine… But no choices? This is just my opinion but when stories have no choices It starts to get boring


I hate when stories have no choices, tbh

I personally dont care if a story has choices… I do like CC.
I think you should do what works for you, especially when its ur first story. Maybe you will try something new in your second story. Unless reads is your top priority, I dont see the point in overwhelming yourself with learning everything all at once.

That being said, simple choices that don’t change the whole story are actually way easier than you think if you check it out.

Same with CC.
My first two stories didnt have CC because I thought it would be too difficult and I was lazy, but when I finally attempted using the premade template… it was like why the heck didn’t I do this earlier???
Unless you’re describing the looks of your mc a lot, I dont see why not to add CC. It doesnt hurt you at all, and makes many readers happy. If you don’t, be prepared for people to ask you to include it.

Even after saying all that, I think you should do what you want, and write for yourself. If you stress yourself out, writing wont be as fun.

I would read it regardless tbh

It’s understandable if you don’t wish to add any choices in! It can be annoying to take up a lot of writing time just to code in a simple choice.

I think that it’s good that you want your readers to emphasise with your MC. It shows that you really care for them!

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Ive added mild choices, not ones that have affected the plot, and. I’ve put limited CC

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