Would you read my story? xx


Would you read my story? x

My Crazy Summer
(I might change this so leave some suggestions in the comments if you have any ideas x)

Love, boys, drama… This summer’s going to be a hot one, can you take the heat?
When 4 boys are each attracted to you you must choose between them before it’s too late!

Small Cover:

Large Cover:

If you wouldn’t read my story please tell me what to change xox

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Love the cover!




I would click it cause cover looks great!


I love your cover. It’ clear that your worked hard on it :slight_smile: I just wouldn’t click your story because it’s about drama and romance which is almost every story on Episode (nothing wrong with that especially because those stories are the ones most people are reading) Usually I look for different stories, but what do I have to lose? I’ll give yours a go once it’s published :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! xx