Would you read my story? 🥰

Hello again people! :cherries: :cherries:

I’m currently writing a new story, one I reaaallyy want to publish. It would be my first time actually getting a story out on the app (I’ve been coding and creating stories since we were able to make them on the app, LOL remember that?) But I’ve never had the motivation in the plot to get it done.

One of the ways I get motivation is from feedback, and people telling me if they’re interested.

So these are the deets

Title: ‘Crushing Capital’
Genre: I’ve set the genre as drama - but it’s a mixture of drama and mystery.
No. of chapters: 1 completed (still tweaking), 2 in progress.
Published/unpublished: Unpublished, as said above
Setting: Current time - Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Story description: “Life after your parents death hasn’t been easy, and the only thing that seems to keep you focussed is trying to catch their killer. Can you do it? CC/F LI/Drama/LGBTQ”

Something to note

There is only 1 love interest in the story, and it is a female love interest. However, The romance aspects are an after-thought, it is seen frequently in the story, since the LI is one of the Main-side characters (If you know what I mean :joy:) but the story is definitely not centered around the romance.

Extra information on the story

2 years prior, MC’s parent’s got into a fatal plane crash - at the time, she was 23. She had a 13 year old brother, who she now takes care of (he’s not the easiest.). She is a trained lawyer, but never passed the bar to become a practicing attorney due to her parents’ death.
The story’s main focus in the MC trying to get enough evidence to open a case into the man who is responsible for her parents death - throughout the chapters, the MC and her little helpers (Her BFF, Bri. The LI, cora and cora’s partner Blake - who are detectives.) starts to uncover this evidence, finding little peices of a puzzle that will lead to the killers arrest. There are some extra little twists and turns, but you won’t find out the reason the suspect actually killed the parents until nearly the end of the story.

So, that being said, are you interested in this plot? Would you read it?

I’ll leave the link if you want to read the first chapter!


I’d absolutely read it! I love mystery stories and this one sounds amazing and intriguing! :two_hearts:

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Thank you! check out the first chapter if you’d like to see the directing!! It’s completed now!

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