Would You Read Something Like This?

Hi! I was wondering if you would read a story like this:

A teenage girl was found dead in an alley behind a bar. She was known as a sweet, innocent girl. You have been assigned to interrogate friends, family, and other witnesses as you try to discover who killed her.

The plot is just bare bones so far, but I was thinking of doing something similar to the game The Infectious Madness of Dr. Dekker. The plot of that game is you have to interrogate patients of Dr. Dekker, who believe they all have powers, to find out who murdered him. The unique thing about that game is you get to ask the patients whatever you want because you type in the questions using keywords as bases to find out more information.
I want to use the input tool (like when you input a name) so the user has to discover answers on their own. You would have to type in basic keywords from the suspect’s responses or from what you know to get more information. I feel like I have a good enough grip on coding to pull it off.
I think this would be a cool, unique idea for a story. I feel like coming up with the questions on your own and getting more answers makes you feel more accomplished, especially when you find out who did it! Tell me your thoughts!

This sounds really interesting! I’d definitely read it! I’m just worried about all that coding. :thinking: I’m pretty bad at complicated coding, so I wouldn’t know exactly how difficult it would be, but if that coding works well, I think people would like it a lot! It’s such a unique concept! :grin:

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Thank you for the feedback! I’m a bit nervous about the coding, but it’s similar to regular choices, so I don’t think it should be too difficult to code. I’m glad you like the idea!

That is such a good idea! I’d totally read that if it were already published.

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I’ll have to get to it then!

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