Would you read story with plus sized MC?

After the new update an idea for new story came in my mind. I don’t know what is it going to be about. The MC(Maria) will be a fAt girl with social anxiety. She will get bullied a lot in school and yea. It will be really close to my real life lmao. But I just wanted to ask will you read this kind of story. I don’t plan it to be a romance it will be drama.


I don’t see why not

Oh, of course.
As long as there’s no transformation and she feels fine the way she is, i would love to read it.


I would not. not because she is big size. but because I dont really like to read slice of life stories. I mostly keep to the fantasy section. was it a fantasy story I would not mind.

Personally, no.
I have no interest reading about someone who gets bullied. Those aren’t the stories I’m into. That’s not to say I wouldn’t read another story with a plus sized MC, but I’ll be honest, I don’t really trust the episode community to include it in a non-offensive way


I would not. Even though I don’t read limelight stories, even if I did, I still wouldn’t read it. Because she would get picked on alot and that just causes alot of problems

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There won’t be transformation for sure. She will just improve her confidence and deal with so many problems in her life lmao

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