Would you read this comedy AW Book?

Hello guys! My name is Addilyn. AW stands for the new competition I want to submit a comedy in. I feel like we don’t have enough comedies, therefore, I will be making this book! Here is a summary of the book!

Title: Round Earth Society

Description: In a world where the earth is flat, there is one group of people who think otherwise… The Round Earth society. And your one of them.

Summary: Basically you follow the life of this girl, through romance, drama, and backlash. So kinda like how the world is round, but some people think its flat? Well, this is where the earth is flat, but some people think it’s round. Yeah, Ik stoopid lol.

Style: Limelight!

Genre: Comedy

Side Note: Please don’t take this offensively. In no way shape or form, I am trying to make fun of the people who believe that the earth is flat- you are entitled to your own opinion.

Basically, I was wondering if you would read this. Please let me know, so I know if I want to spend time on this! :slight_smile:


Yes. As a comedy writer we need more!

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Yay! Tysm bby! <3

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I’d read it. Sounds like it has potential to be hilarious

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Tysmmmm! <33

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I’d definitely read it, us flat earthers need more representation anyways :muscle::muscle:


I am not particually a flat earther, but I am glad I am able to reach everyone eeek! <3 tysm for the support

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