Would you read this? :"D

I’m thinking of starting a story about a mythical dating show, stay with me :"3
You play as a contestant, a Greek goddess of some sort. Maybe you can choose whether you reign in earth, romance, etc. I could personalize outfits based on that choice?
I’m big into comedy and romance and plan on packing the comedic drama and LUST factor >u<
Every contestant will be magical/mythical in their own ways, some genuine and some there for the wrong reasons.
People will be eliminated if not chosen to couple, the winning pair will have some sort of prize.
Would you read a story in this concept? I’m in the mood to get creative and weird with a lil something new :yum:

(also title ideas, something punny related to this theme are appreciated :"D)


i would read it!


Ooo yay, do you have any suggestions/or title ideas >u< :blob_hearts:


honestly i have no clue


greek games
love or lose
lose to love???


baha same girl same.
I want to make an mc that’s sassy and I have her entrance/intro idea planned. I’m over the typical soft girl gone bad lmao o.o
Ooo love to lose/lose to love is cool thnx >u<
I’m thinking about some rn too. Will prob start a thread to maybe get some helpers for outfits/making an animated intro/backgrounds xx



if you ever want some moral support/help just PM me!


I would read it :joy:

Uh isjsndjdaoo maybe Mythical Matchups :rofl:


Omg thankuuu knowing my indecisive self, I’ll be needing some support baha. :see_no_evil:
Do you still make edits? I’m needing some good backgrounds <3

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Oooo that’s actually so good wth-
Thanku hun :relaxed:


I would definitely be interested in reading this.

Also I like this suggestion that @MelanieyM gave you:


Ooo yay thnx hun :blob_hearts:
I kind of like “Mythical Match-up” idk tho :"P
If you have any story/plot suggestions lemme know :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would read it, I also like Greek Mythology a lot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I agree with Greek Games.
It has a nice sound and it makes it easier to find for Greek Mythology lovers :smiley:

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I would read it! I really love Greek Mythology a lot. So, when you do publish it, can you maybe tag me so that I could read it! I also agree with Greek Games!

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I’d read it.

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Yesss I will do!! I’m about to post a sneak peek of one of the bachelors (men) :"3

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Yess, Im so excited now - I have already started coding my intro and writing. I have a TON of drama and twists cooked up :yum: :yellow_heart:

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Yayy - gonna post a sneak peek of some contestants (Their all hotties) :kissing_closed_eyes:

Yes of course I’ll put a poll up for those who want to be tagged <3
I already started writing and coding - wait for the DRAMA i have planned :smirk: :relaxed:
I’m about to post a sneak peek of some bachelor’s >u<

Here is a sneak peek of some contestants…all gods/goddesses of things I won’t spoil :smirk:

I may have crushes already o.o :blob_hearts:

Is it HOT in here? #1

an actual work of art.. #2

Here comes trouble #3

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Ooo Is that second one Poseidon?
probably wrong but-

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