Would you read this eye-opening story?


So I thought of a pregnancy plot-
Hear me out!
It’s not your typical everyday pregnancy plot.
I wanted to, well, shine light on actual teen pregnancy.
It’s not that easy, and it’s not all fun and games.
Episode portrays it as a joke with all the bad boy bullshit, so i’d like to make one where the MC actually struggles and loses people around her.
It has no bad boys in it as love interests. The bad boy didn’t get her pregnant. She didn’t get raped. She wanted the sex, but didn’t want the baby.

What are your opinions? Would you read it?


Sure tell me the title!


I’d love to, but it’s not out yet. I’m still working on it. Is it a good plot you’d read?


I’d check it out.


I’d check it out. I need more detail though.


Wow, the best idea I can up with is that someone dies! Your idea is amazing! Maybe you can start a thread that gives idea’s. (Just a subjection)


It sounds cool, I might actually check it out.


Checking this out. Tell me the title if it’s ready.


I love any story that takes a cliche and either twists it or makes it realistic. This sounds great!


Sounds interesting. But it might be hard to market because people will confuse it for a “Pregnant by My Bad Boy Teacher Gang Leader”


I would! Looking for more stories that twist cliches around and show what it’s like in real life.


yeah @Trisa


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