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It started with a dream or was it a nightmare. A rather cold and erie summer night. A full moon in the sky, but no one in sight. I was surrounded by mountains and I was on a ledge. Yet I heard a voice and this is what it said, " A darkness lies within you, a darkness lies within me, a darkness lies within everyone you will ever meet. No one is perfect and the world is full of choices. Will you turn a blind eye or will you choose to help other people to see.
That was the dream and then it was over I was still in my bed with all of my covers but my body was shaking. Was it a dream? But I’m cold to the touch.

That morning when I woke up in my bed. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, so I laid their for a few more minutes to try to get more sleep in.

The sound came before I was awake it’s weird how sounds can bring us out from sleep. It was from a knock at my door. I wasn’t really sure what to do. I just moved into this college dorm. I knew no one. Who in the hell could it be? As these thought were racing through my head the world made the desicion for me.

Hey it’s your TA. Just making sure everyones alive and awake since its your first day. This is a one time only situation so after today your fending for your self. Welp thats all. You could hear the steps of the TA as they continued down the hall. They started to knock on the others doors. The sound of it brought me back to my thoughts.

First day? Shit its my first day of college and its already… 8am… Dude I don’t even have class till 10am. Well I guess after my shower it’ll be 8.30. Then my make up will take an hour… F it. Why the hell not its my first day. I rolled out of bed procedded to shower then moved onto my dresser wide a wake cause I had taken a cold shower. This wake up plan of theirs had back fired everyone was trying to shower at the same time and their wasn’t enough hot water. Or was that their plan all along.

Character Creation.

When I finished my make up I thought I felt someone watching me, but then I swear I heard laugh. I turned around quickly only to find my reflection. This day just felt weird, but I might just be having anxiety and overthinking things.

Make up done, complete, and perfect. Now my first day outfit.

Outfit Choice.

I was one the second floor last room on the right. I was feeling really good about my outfit and makeup so I was dancing and sauntering down the hallway all the way to the stairs and thats when I saw her. Not only was she jaw droppingly beautiful she was unique. She had a dark gray brown skin and mesmerising green eyes and hair the color of fire. I was so lost in the moment, she was dancing and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. So it was no suprise when I didn’t know she had turned around.

She pulls out her phone and turns downs to tunes she was blastin. She looks at me with a death glare and asks what I want. In my head honestly I was like you, but I wasn’t that brave. In the end as the frantic mess of an awkward walking disaster that I am I replied with, “Do I look like your daddy?” I laughed to my self loudly and awkwardly. Wishing I could go back to sleep or maybe into an early grave. She crossed her arms and didn’t look at me in total disgust so I’m counting it as a win. Classic epivine terrible execution, she sighed.

I just wanted to listen to some good tunes before school and people. to dance the stress away you know. I don’t know if this is making my day better or worse. Also asking her what do you want; aggressively at that, way to make a first impression.

She seemed kinda of distraught though her words were fierce, I ended up saying she was funny and telling her my name. Aren’t I just a bundle of positivity.

I’m protaganoist. It’s nice to meet you to. Delivery of one big smile on my face. Coming in t-minus 0 seconds.

Sorry, protaganist was it? Her reply had put me off gaurd. I’m just have first day jitters and all and dancing helps me to wind down ya know.

I get it, you should of seen me making my way down here. Talk about epitube material.

I don’t know what did it but I was able to make her laugh in the end.

Im Akela, it was nice to meet you. I’ll see you around. I winked at her with confidence and made my way outside. Holy shit did I just flirt with a stranger. Ohhh look at me being ballsy. He he he.

She walked away while waving but with a smile on her face. I think todays starting to look up.

I was about to check the time on my phone when I heard a knock at the door. Akela? No on answered. The started knocking again a little faster. Come in! It’s open! I yelled. I saw Akela leave she didn’t lock it on her way out. They started knocking again. Faster and more furious this time. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Maybe she did lock it? I walked over to the door and found that it was pooring rain. Like litteral cats and dogs. Hello? Anyone there? I screamed trying to make my voice heard above the thunder. No one was there. Not that I blame them. This was weird, but the weather was even weirder. Puddles of water were already pooling on the ground but I could’ve sworn that before I steped through the door their was not a cloud in the sky. I wasn’t sure what time it was and I was not about to bring my phone out in this weather. I pretty sure It’s getting closer to 10 though. I made a mad dash through the campus to the front entrance where my first class was closest to. It was hard to see in this weather. The rain was pelting my face and the clouds were blocking the sun. I might as well of been running in the dark with no stree lights. As I was wishing that I would see the street lamp that illuminated the front entrance I crashed into something rock hard and flew onto my back. As I stood up I realized that the sun was out the rain was gone and I had just run into a god on earth. He had tan skin and golden hazel eyes and blue black hair he might as well of been a latino hercules.

What the Hell is going on, I shouted. He looked at me very frustratingly. You’re the one that ran into me! So, you tell me! He said.


I don’t know what happening I started to panic, I was just running in the rain but Im not wet…and neither was he.

Dad always said to avoid crazy, he thought to himselft as He slowly started to walk back away. Looking at me like I was crazy.

Maybe he had a point. Maybe I was going crazy. I started to run through the campus again trying to make it to my class on time. I’m going to be late.

Was that protaganist? Who, questioned what could only be described as Akela’s faternal male twin. Friend? Akela spoke hesitently. Oh well, see you later bro. See you later. Oh and don’t forget to call mom she worries. Akela turns around, sure she does. she whispered. What? Avery said not sure if what he heard was right or maybe he was hoping it wasn’t. Akela states that it was nothing and starts dashing off to class. When will those two get along again, Avery sighed.

In the back a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes asked Althea to get off the phone. Althea had fair skin and flowing pink hair in a pony tail. Were going to be late he said begrudgingly. Whatever Jack, Althea gave him a death glare. I got to go see you soon. She said before she hung up the phone.

I ran looking for a room any room. Somewhere private to put my thoughts together. What in the actuall hell just happened. The dream, the presence, the weather, Things that arent there! People that aren’t there! I…I can’t be becoming like her! Right? My vision started to go dark. My head felt heavy. My body felt weak. This can’t be happening. Protaganist fell to the floor fainting. A door creaked opened.

Who is she afraid of becoming. Who’s at the door find out in the next chapter of The Life of a Nightengale.

I know the bottom half is weird because of the just moving onto diffrent characters and what their saying but It easier when youre animating and just cut to them.


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