Would you read this kind of story? [TW]



I have a story idea, but I was hoping for some outside opinions. Could you see yourself being interested? Invested in this plot?

Spoilers ahead (if I write this story)

The story, titled “Reborn” is centered around 17 year old Renee “Rennie” Adams.

The story begins in a hospital room. She’s waking up from a six day long coma-- with retrograde amnesia. She can’t remember anything.

Everyone tells her who she is, about her life, and how she slipped and fell out her window, hitting her head.


The reality is very different. As the story continues, you’ll discover her diary from before her “accident”. You find months of suicidal and depressed entries. You read about how unhappy Rennie was… and how she actually jumped out her window, with the intent to die.

She’ll learn how to accept her new knowledge, and decide whether or not to share it or put it behind her. It’s up to the reader.

Could you see yourself reading this?

  • Yes!
  • Maybe.
  • Not really…
  • No.

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I think it’s an interesting plot, I’d definitely invest a lot of my time reading that.




Your story plot is very interesting. I would definitely read it. Your plot is very different from Episode stories and I feel it would stand out. And it would shed awareness to a sensitive topic which I haven’t seen on Episode. Considering Episode loves overdoing pregnancy stories. I wish you all the luck in writing your story!


I love the plot! But I think if she finds love along the way would make things interesting for her


Thanks! I considered it, but I was worried about it taking away from the suicide discovery. I might have her meet someone in the hospital, and let that go on in the background, but it either won’t be the main focus or it won’t be there.


Thank you, I appreciate it.


Don’t mention it! Good luck on your writing! Let us know when it’s published!


Hmmm. Alot of ppl do love romance. Including me lol. But I see what you are getting at. Question- dies she die in the end?


I don’t think so… wouldn’t want to glorify anything, yknow?


I would read it, it sounds very interesting. The only reason I voted no is because it would probably trigger me (reading it in more detail).


Sounds really interesting and unique. I’d definitely read it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was definitely worried about triggering people, so if I do write this I’d include a shit ton of warnings to avoid anyone reading this if it wasn’t healthy for them.


Perfect. Good luck writing it!