Would you read this kind of story?

Hi so i’m thinking about creating a new story but i’m not sure if people would read it so please give your feedback below :smiley:


Story Genre: Romance, Comedy

Brief description of story:

I, Luca Parker am definitely NOT Gay
Just because i find girls private parts gross
Love romance movies
And think the new kid is positively the sexiest thing to walk the planet
Does not mean i am gay!

Ok so i’m mainly making this because while there are alot of LGBT stories a majority of them are lesbian ones
don’t get me wrong i don’t mind those kinds of stories but i prefer gay ones :woman_shrugging:t3:
i’m not a lesbian myself so i can’t say i can write it from a personal level but i’ll probably base it off of love simon

Oh yeah last quick thing if you know of any gay stories tell me down below so i can check them out

Ashlyn xx

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it sounds like such a cute story, and I loved love, simon so if you base your story off of that i’m going to love this story for sure! :grin:

Okay, to me, this just seems a bit awkward of a description. To me, it’s an automatic turn off. I wouldn’t really read it. :confused: Especially if that’s the way he denies he’s homosexual. It’s just stereotypical in my opinion.


I agree a little bit with EpisodeShadow here.

If it’s not too uncomfortable to ask, are you LGBTQIA+? Do you know anyone irl who is? It’s just that this description is a little stilted and in my opinion not really representative of how being gay feels (for example, just because I’m not sexually attracted to men doesn’t mean I’d describe myself as “thinking their private parts are gross”).

I don’t necessarily think that denial isn’t okay to use at all (I use it in my story Modest Fun), but in my experience, there’s more confusion and shame. And that’s missing from this description. Maybe something like “I’ve always been too focused on school/sports/whatever to care about girls, but now that the new kid’s wearing those jeans/that shirt/that tattoo, I’m starting to think that might not be the whole story…” might be more realistic?

If you ever want an LGBTQ perspective (and in my case really just the L and + parts) feel free to message me.


I agree with @EpisodeShadow. This description doesn’t really jump out to me in any way. It seems a little generic. You’re not really letting us know your Unique Selling Point – the thing that makes your story yours.

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I know I’m not apart of the community but I can tell what’s stereotypical. It should take real development. What she wrote on there just rubbed me the wrong way. I have never seen anyone have that kind of mindset. I don’t even think Simon from Love Simon thought that way.

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Yes, I agree with this, too. Although, I didn’t have a bad experience coming out, I’m personally sick of the idea that you either give yourself a really hard time or your parents do. Where are the people in stories who are just gay or who come out and their parents are like “honey I know”? They exist! There are loads of us! I don’t really see how someone’s denial about their sexuality would make a whole story, either. It sounds rather like tokenisation for me – to be able to drag out a whole story about that. Gay people aren’t just their sexuality.


Oh yeah I should’ve clarified, the you meant OP. I totally agree that it’s v stereotypical and too lighthearted to really feel legitimate.


I hate that story line as a whole… “Denying I’m gay so much” It’s just so annoying. I’m tired of it. I hate it when it happens to religious people to. Why would I want that for the LGBT+ community? Especially since I have never really seen people deny so hard on it before. Maybe a little but not really like that kinda way.

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Exactly. And if the whole story is going to be about that internal struggle, it needs to be a lot more nuanced than 'I’m not gay! Whoa that person’s hot. Guess I’m gay!"

Sidenote: I’m a huge musical junkie and Starkid’s new ‘The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals’ has a queer girl in it and the casual way that her dad refers to it is so refreshing


Also, it kinda makes him sound stupid. Like, denial is more like “Oh she’s good looking. But I’m not gay though. Straight women are allowed to admit that other girls are attractive” not “I know I find him sexy, but being attracted to him doesn’t make me gay, right?” I get that it’s a rhetorical question, but it does seem a little redundant, as though he doesn’t know what sexual attraction means


Do you mean to put “he”, not she?

The first one was my experience of sexuality :eyes:

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Oh, I see. Sorry. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your feedback and i think ill change the description according to what you guys said and i didnt mean for it to come out as unrealistic or stereotypical
i honestly thought of it as a few years ago many people were not as supportive as they are now so coming out would’ve have been difficult for some so i went with the idea of denying your sexuality to fit ‘in’ and be ‘normal’ according to others
I can see that this now sounds a bit stereotypical but i just didn’t want it to be be basically two boys - everyone knows are gay and is okay with it - they feel attraction for each other - a bit of flirting - boom - their together which is kinda like most love stories on episode with the addition of them both being gay
I’ll probably go onto wattpad and read some bxb stories to give me some inspiration but if you have any ideas please tell me
and again thanks for giving me an honest opinion

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Also, I think OP meant really well, but I’m tired of gay romances being about the fact that the MC is gay. Like, straight romances aren’t like that. They have a plot. Why can’t we have a story where the MC is gay, but the story isn’t about the fact that they’re a gay person in love? Why can’t they just be a person in love? Why does the plot and the conflict have to revolve around their sexuality?


You can also ask members of the community their experience.


not really sure what “yes” is meaning but thanks anyway :joy:

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Be careful with WP! In some ways, it’s worse than here because it’s so oversaturated. If you’re gonna do that, I recommend finding a really highly acclaimed story

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