Would You Read This? [POLL]

So, I’ve come up with a story idea. How is it?

Lichelle, Aura and Fleur started getting mysterious letters. Some were riddles and some were threats. Who is this odd and curious person, and why we’re they doing this?

Would you read this?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • Maybe Not
  • No
  • Can Be Improved

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I know this is not great, and I would like to improve my idea. Open to all your suggestions.

Thanks for reading this,
Maya ~

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I only said no because I don’t read mystery storys, I prefer romance, but seems like a good idea, bugpt maybe the person who was receiving threats was the person sending them…

Like if there were a group of people receiving threats it could be on of them, or it could be their family, or teacher

Also is this pretty little liars themed

I would love to help you improve this because it sounds awesome, and as @Sexy_Lil_Thang said it has Pretty Little Liars written all over it and it can be seen as copyright.

I would not change the plot of your story but I’d only help you make it seem less PLL and more original.

PM If you would love me to help you.

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It wouldn’t be copyright infringement unless you made it SUPER similar; blackmail is a thing that happens in various stories.
Besides, there’s really no unique plot - I think writing is more about putting your own twist on a story told a million times.
(I mean, how many princesses find their Prince Charming and live happily ever after? How many heroes have stopped a villain from world domination?)

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Nope. But, now I think of it, it is similar, but not exactly.

And there are only 3 characters, so…

Can you tell me when it is out?
I need some new stories to read

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Thank you, maybe I should change the plot a bit…

I would willingly help you with the plot and coding

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