Would you read this romance story?


Chandler Phoenix and Nivea Tellson both have lives full of rain and sorrow, bottled up to avoid conflict. When will they notice love makes room for two under one umbrella?


Ooh I am intrigued - I feel like your description is really nice and it sounds magical in an adorably romantic way.




Is it published atm?


No, I’m working on it :slight_smile:


Wow! I love the description , it sure has an impact on ppl! My mama thinks so too @Days


Ah awesome! I reckon it will be a delight to read and I am a sucker for stories linked with rain.


Cuz, it makes you feel wet :joy:





Not again :joy::joy::joy:


Also, when you publish it do you want to promote it on my small author support thread?




It looks awesome :smile: