Would you read this sort of story?

I’m currently working on a story about a misunderstood goth girl as she gets through high school.

She’s lived in her gorgeous, colorful airhead twin sister’s shadow for most of her life, who is basically a copy of their judgmental mother. The MC (non-customizable) is actually very extroverted and social, but no one knows because they assume she’s a depressing stereotype.

When disgusting rumors are spread about the MC by an anonymous online account, how will the MC react? Will she hide away? Or will she face the rumors head on?

There’s no romance in the story, and it focuses more on stereotypes, sexism, self expression, and other themes. Does this sound boring/unreadable to you? It isn’t what readers typically look for nowadays /cough/ sex /cough/. But, like, if you read a shortened synopsis like that, do you think you’d click?


I’m passed the age where stories like that appeal to me but I could see younger people being interested in that kind of plot.

I would definitely read it. My younger sister was also in that stage - dye your hair in dark colors, ear and/or nose piercings, black clothes, tattoos (mostly of terrifying skulls, snakes and whatnot), dark mauve lipstick - a typical goth girl. I’m sad though that I never understood her. She’s past that stage now. I think it would be great for readers to see deeply into what goes in a goth’s mind and how they see the world. I say Go For It!!


I would like to read it. :slight_smile: I used to dress like a goth when I was a teenager!
I still love the style. :slight_smile: So yeah, go for it, and I will read it!

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Don’t worry too much. There will be a bunch of goths, emos, scenes, and opposites tapping to read your story. I used to be emo, I still tend to dress like a rockstar and reminisce those days so I am sure people will love your story. Old and new.

I think that if somebody is extroverted and social, you’ll see it in their interactions, the way they walk, and their overall behavior, so I have trouble believing that nobody would know that. I do love the overall theme you’re trying to convey though. I think you could execute this idea if you be careful to avoid cliches, like the mean girl stereotype and the “nobody understands me” type of thing. I would love to read this if you choose to write it.

I think this is a really, really, really, really, really, really, (almost done), really good idea because you can show people that they aren’t the only one that might be going through a rough time. You could really help some people if they’re getting bullied, are having trouble with their exact identity, and if they feel like they have been in the shadows all their life. I feel like I would enjoy this story. PS: I like your profile picture ._.

I think it’s a great story idea! I would def be interested in reading it.

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