Would you read this story? And is it worth starting?

So I don’t know if anyone has noticed (probably not) :woman_shrugging: but I took a break from episode writing because I just kept getting my self frustrated. I will be writing on my first episode for my new story with ideas of how it could end out and go on from there. But then suddenly I would get an idea for another story that sounds so much better than the one I’m working on :roll_eyes:
So to prevent another story added to My Stories file that can’t be deleted
I’m going to let you guys decide whether I should start writing this one or Save it for another time or possibly never :laughing:

NOTE: This story is about the best man and the best bride maid falling in love
ALSO, the names may change as well as the plot (but this is what I have now)

Myra Peters, roommate and best friend to Lauren Thomas. They met in college freshman year and have been friends ever since now at 25 they both have the same job and the same group of friends and every weekend they go to their favorite bar “The mixing house”
But when Lauran comes home late with a new ring on her finger and is moving out everything goes wrong!

that’s what I have so far…
I think the love interest is going to be named wither Adam or Lucas
or both maybe there is going to be a love triangle ?!

Tell me what you think or what I should change I am all about constructive criticism so go at me!

Title: The best man (like in weddings)
Author: Logan
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lauren is your best friend she has got you through the hardest of times, but how much are you willing to take for her? When everyone is trying to match you up with the best man!

Also, tell me how you feel about the summery I’m not very good at though since there is a limited amount of words

  • I should start writing this one
  • Save it for another time or possibly never

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This is a cute idea! :slight_smile:

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I’m so happy you think so.:joy: But as I keep brain storming
I think it’s to basic… :exploding_head:

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Just start writing it and see where it goes.
Take your time, I’ve sat on my story for like a year figuring out coding and everything and in the process I changed a lot. I think once you start working on it more ideas will pop up. You don’t have to instantly publish it.
As long as you have fun writing it go for it.
The idea is nice imo, simple storylines can be enjoyable too.

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This seems like a good idea! I’d read it!

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