Would you read this story? (based on cover & desc)

Hi! I’m currently working on a story (which will be released once I’ve finished writing the first 3 episodes) and I’d love to know what others first impressions of my description and cover. (Both made by me).

“Whisked away by an old friend, Lukas sets on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love.”

So, would you read this story?
Possibly check it out?
Or just ignore it?
Please reply with your opinions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Naomi !


It does seem like an original story, but not the type I would read…
I like your description and would read it if it were my type.
So, I would possibly check it out.

Thank you ! x

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personally, I don’t like stories with a description there doesn’t explain anything about the story. and yours doesn’t tell me anything. what is this story about. cause I got no clue. I know the description is hard to make. spically when they shall be so short

whisked away. what does that mean. is she getting kidnap. is she running away with him?
actually, i don’t even know what it means and google translate says it means whipped

going on a journey . is she travelling, is it a metaphor.

this is the one for my own story. it is not good but t explain the story. so that people actually have an idea of what they are going into
She never knew her dad, but after her mom end’s in a coma, she decides to contact him. He was a criminal and she was undercover. They fell in love. Two stories in one.

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The story is about a troubled girl who makes her friend from when she was a child run away with her. The journey, however, is both a metaphor and actuality. Yes, they’re going on a journey to somewhere, but they’re also going on a journey of accepting who they are and who they’re meant to be. ‘Whisked away’ is basically meaning ‘taken’, Lukas isn’t exactly forced to go, but he is in a sense, but decides to go because of their connection as children and that he’s slightly afraid of her. I hope this cleared up anything you were confused about :blush:

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I’d for sure take a look, love the cover and the description is nice but could use more like entice me girl, draw me in lol

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