Would you read this story be honest:

Rescued from poverty by a handsome mafioso with a job offer, Melody knew her life would never be the same.

How do you guys feel about that?
My story Sacrificing For You is about that and I wanted to see how you feel it’s being published soon.


That sounds really interesting. I’d definitely read it. :yay:

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I wouldn’t read your story. There are millions of mafia stories. Truly, I’m not interested in any sort of mafia.

But don’t let my opinion stop you from writing. I’m sure other people love mafia related.

Have fun creating :slight_smile:

Also, if I came out rude :persevere: I’m so sorry sweetheart, that was not my intention.


Just make sure if you’re making the MC or LI a person from another culture (not yours) make sure to do some research so it doesn’t come off as offensive. :blob_hearts:


depends on the events! i’ve read a story thats a lot similar to yours, but i would def read it if it had such exciting events <3 good luck with your story!

i would def read it

I…wouldn’t read it. Not that I don’t think your story would be amazing, it’s just that I’m not a fan of mafia/gang stories. Just romance in general. But I think many more people don’t share the same views as me and would love to read you story! :smile:


I’m gonna be brutally honest, I wouldn’t. Theres so many mafia stories just like that and i find them kind of boring.

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I would at least give it a chance as long as it isn’t like the cliche mafia/gang stories on Episode.

Like some others have commented, as mafia stories are romanticized and extremely problematic, I would not read this story.


Mafia stories rnt really problematic. I feel like some authors make it so. And they lose track of what the actual victims go through and focus on the romance. Which in my opinion is really annoying. :roll_eyes:
Anyways, I would read since I feel like any story’s idea is irrelevant and a story is good if the author is. (Plot/characters/development etc.) :relieved::raised_hand:t4:

Apologies, but I’m not sure how they aren’t problematic? At least in how they are written on the Episode platform specifically. The act of romanticising these stories in itself is problematic.
Looking at them from an objective standpoint, the messages that underpin the narratives can be quite damaging to young people.
Moreover, they are offensive and triggering to the lived experience of countless people.
I’m sure people can get the same enjoyment out of a story that doesn’t glorify what are, quite frankly, dangerous organized crime groups.

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I totally agree with you when it comes to these types of stories on the app, However,
Authors should be allowed to write about whatever they’d like, writing about a mafia or a gang isn’t really a problem. But most episode authors use it as some type of lovey-dovey escape that’s when it becomes wrong.
Why not write mafias in other genres such as Adventure or Thriller. It would be more appropriate and I don’t see how it would be problematic that way.

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Ah, yes I see your point now. Unfortunately to display these stories accurately would mean obliterating the guidelines. That isn’t to say that it can’t be done, but it would take a lot of thought and consideration throughout the writing process. Thanks for clarifying further!

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I’m not trying to make it offensive to anyone! And my story isn’t really romanticizing it at all, but it’s more so thriller/drama, so sorry if it’s offensive to anyone!

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This isn’t meant to offend you anyone but here is my HONEST opinion:

tbh I hate mafia stories the three main errors most of them have are as follows…

  • they romanticise violet, aggressive and dominant men.

  • they portray organised crime completely wrong. for example there is no Chinese mafia, It’s called a triad. That’s an example of a mistake I was in a dumb mafia story I read. (I think, correct me if I’m wrong)

  • They include too much gore. I’ve seen descriptions of what it feels like to be stabbed with no trigger warnings and really gruesome overlays all over someone’s face.

If you don’t romanticise violence, misinterpret different groups of organised crime or include too much gore or gruesome stuff then I would read your story!! I hate to say it but, I’m not sure it would be as popular as other mafia stories though, since you said it won’t be a romance. For some reason, lots of episode reader think dominant, abusive alpha males are really, really hot :speak_no_evil:

Good luck with your story!! :white_heart:

I’m really sorry if this sounds at all rude, angel. If you think it will be good and have inspiration for it, go for it! I’m sure it will turn out amazing.

also, I recommend not using the Italian Mafia. That cliche is getting a lil’ bit old…

Nope not at all! I’m including trigger warnings, not romanticizing, and not misinterpreting anything. I’ve been doing research on all the things I include so sorry if my story offends anyone by the description!

That’s awesome, lovely! I’m rlly glad that ur doing research :white_heart: good luck w everything, I look forward to reading your story when it’s published :hear_no_evil: