Would you read this story? [ fantasy, romance, with werewolves and kitsune ]


asdfghjkl; i’m probably getting myself into too many stories, but hey! I already had this one WIP from a contest (that I never entered) so I thought I’d give a pitch a shot.

I can’t give away much, but it’d be a lesbian romance between Caoimhe (pronounce Kiva), an werewolf, and a Kitsune (name still not decided; she will be Japanese).

I can’t give away too many details, but it’d be a more light-hearted story, with coming-of-age themes. Plus, it’d encorporate some interesting cultures! Caoimhe coming from a heavily Irish-based pack of werewolves (they speak Gaelic, have very traditional Irish names, etc), and the other coming from a Japanese family unit of Kitsune (also speaking Japanese, among other things).

Still a work in progress, so things are subject to change, but the Irish werewolf and Kitsune themes are most definitely not going anywhere. c:


Kitsune are like were-cats, right?
Well. I’m a big fan of cats so sign me up. c:

I think it sounds like an interesting and sweet story and I gotta appreciate the diversity.

Kitsune is actually the Japanese word for fox! In folklore, though, they’re foxes with the ability to shapeshift into humans (and they can have up to nine tails - the more they have, the wiser, more powerful, etc. they are).

Sorry to burst your kitty-bubble!

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oo that makes sense since baby foxes are sometimes called kits.
Although I am very disappointed about your story’s lack of cats…
…I’d still definetly read it!

This sounds fantastic!!! I would so check it out. Love the ability to learn about different cultures and especially love the paranormal romance aspect!

Did you say kitsune? I looove kitsune. May I date him/her? :heart_eyes:

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